The trend of oversized t-shirts is adaptable and cosy, and they can be worn in a variety of ways to seem effortlessly put together and stylish. Although some people might think of oversized t-shirts as something to wear on a lazy day, they can also be worn with confidence and flair. These spacious, casual t-shirts, which were once thought of as a staple for lazy days, are now a platform for stylish people to show off their individual sense of style. We’ll look at seven stylish ways to wear large t-shirts from The 97th Hour in this blog.

Belt It Up

For a more polished and put-together outfit, try belting your oversized tee at the waist. This will help create definition and shape while adding a trendy touch to your outfit.

Using a fashionable belt to tighten the oversized t-shirt men’s waist is one of the easiest methods to make it look more put together. This easy styling tip gives the large silhouette more definition and structure while also producing a polished and put-together appearance. For an effortlessly stylish urban ensemble, try teaming the Manhattan graphic oversized t-shirt in black with a sleek leather belt.

Tuck It In

Pulling an oversized t-shirt over your jeans or shorts can also be used to enhance style at least a notch. It also aids in addressing the issue of balance where the top part of the attire appears loose while the lower part is relatively tight.

Wear an extra large oversized T-shirt men on the top and match it with tight jeans or shorts; this will give the impression that the top is not that big since the lower part is tight. This way you can keep the oversized Tee yet still have the elegance of the blouse over the tee by having the shirt tucked in. For example, the pop bird urban graphic oversized t-shirt – olive can be tucked in to look fashionable while at the same time, is perfect for summer trips.

Layer It Up

A loose t-shirt is perfect for layering, which is one way of making the outfit look more stylish. The tee can be worn with a denim jacket or blazer or worn over a sheer cardigan or a sweater to give depth to the outfit.

Adding more layers to the outfit is a beautiful detail and men’s oversized t-shirts allow for a play with this concept. It is advisable to layer the Japanese tiger pop graphic oversized t-shirt – navy with a sheer light denim jacket blazer or even cardigan to give it a more stylish and casual look that will attract the attention of onlookers.


By tying your oversized t-shirt at the front or side, you are likely to adopt a new elegant and fashionable look. The fact is it is a quick way of elevating a casual look and flaunting the waistline.

If you want to make a slight change to your printed oversized t-shirt for men, then you should tie it to give it a more fashionable feel around the part that is visible, especially at the front or side. This simple technique not only helps in achieving a slimming effect but also brings uniqueness and a spark to your style.

Wide Pants

Wide-legged jeans and big T-shirts can combine to create a stylish ensemble. This stylish yet comfy ensemble works well for both dressy and casual settings.

Wide-legged pants are a stylish approach to putting together an elegant yet cosy ensemble that works well for both dressy and casual settings. For an effortlessly elegant look, try wearing the black Manhattan graphic oversized t-shirt with a pair of stylish wide-leg pants that are high on the waist.


A stylish and carefree monochromatic look may be achieved by pairing an oversized t-shirt in one colour with matching jeans or a skirt. This is a simple method to make a statement with the silhouette of the large t-shirt.

A sleek and carefree monochromatic outfit with an oversized t-shirt is a must-try for individuals who value minimalism’s beauty. In addition to enhancing the enormous silhouette, this style method produces a statement look that is both classic and on-trend. For example, the white herbology botany picture graphic oversized t-shirt would look amazing with clean white denim or linen pants, making for a modern and fresh appearance that’s ideal for warm weather days.

In Conclusion

Oversized t-shirts may seem too casual, but they are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. With these 7 fashion-forward styling tips, you can create a comfortable, effortless, and trendy outfit that will make you stand out. Whether you prefer a polished look or something more casual, there’s a way to style your oversized t-shirt that will fit your style. For those who love to make a bold statement, consider investing in a back-printed oversized t-shirt from The 97th Hour’s collection. Step out of your comfort zone and explore the world of oversized t-shirts – you might just discover a new favourite way to express your style.