In a world full of stress and hardships, striking a work-life balance is not only wise for your health and the success of your business, but it is also the right thing to do. Work-life balance refers to the practice of maintaining a balance between an individual’s personal and professional lives. Majdouline Alouah claims that entrepreneurs work extremely hard with remarkable dedication, sacrificing their personal time to achieve professional goals. Therefore, it has become very challenging for them to maintain a work-life balance. But this can be done by implementing proper strategies and techniques, for example, by setting boundaries and prioritizing.

Let’s discuss some strategies to make it an easy task for entrepreneurs.

Setting boundaries

Entrepreneurs are pressured due to heavy workloads like meeting, responding, and identifying opportunities, which leads them to overwork and utilize their personal hours in professional work. Therefore, for entrepreneurs, it is highly challenging to create a balance between work-life. Majdouline Alouah says that to prevent these heavy situations, it is essential for entrepreneurs to set boundaries and discuss them with their team, partners, and clients, like when to start and end professional work, when to respond to separate there professional lives from their personal lives, and how to create and maintain a balance between them.

Managing stress

Entrepreneurs experience frustration and stress because of their heavy workload, which can have an impact on their performance, creativity, mood, and health. It is crucial that they discover strategies for stress management as a result. Some effective ways to manage stress are practicing mindfulness, taking breaks, sleeping enough, exercising daily, etc. To enhance 

  • business productivity, 
  • decision-making and performance, 
  • growth  and success,
  • achieve overall goals

It is necessary for every entrepreneur to stay focused and active and practice stress management.

Prioritizing task and quality

Entrepreneurs can also create and maintain an effective personal and professional life balance by prioritizing each task and quality. No one can do everything at once. If an entrepreneur thinks that multitasking, workload, and more projects will lead to success, then there is no possibility for the same; rather, it will disturb their personal and professional lives. Every entrepreneur should chase quality over quantity. They should assign time to each task in accordance with priorities and focus on achieving quality. This will lead to

  • better time management by focusing on important tasks and avoiding tasks that are not adding something to the business.
  • Serve better quality services and products
  • Enhance business growth and success. 

Learn to say no

Many opportunities and requests will present themselves to you as an entrepreneur, but it is not appropriate for any business owner to accept them all. Saying “yes” to everything can cause you to overcommit, become distracted, and become unhappy because you will have stretched yourself too thin and forgotten your principles, objectives, and end goals. Rather, acquire the ability to decline requests that do not correspond with your goals, objectives, or priorities; or that do not provide solace but instead cause anxiety. Deciding what matters most to you and your business can be accomplished by saying no, even though it can be difficult at first.

Being flexible

Being flexible means an entrepreneur should be ready to change according to rising trends, changes in preferences, and other circumstances. As the era is dynamic, change is necessary in addition to boundaries, priorities, and routines, which is beneficial to maintaining a work-life balance. Instead of resisting or stressing over change, entrepreneurs should try to embrace it and learn from it. While remaining loyal to your main principles and goals, they should be adaptable enough to experiment, change course, or improvise as necessary. An entrepreneur will always face challenges, hardships, or difficulties, as well as opportunities; therefore, it is necessary for them to adjust strategies and plans accordingly.


In conclusion, creating and maintaining a balance between personal and professional life may be difficult but important for every entrepreneur. It is a process that requires seamless effort, a remarkable mindset, and impressive or effective time management. Majdouline Alouah agreed that the above-mentioned strategies will surely guide the entrepreneur on how to practice work-life balance and become proficient in it. In the end, entrepreneurs need to be able to prioritize their tasks and make thoughtful decisions in order to achieve work-life balance.