Daily mile playground markings are often seen in UK school playgrounds with different patterns ranging from number grids to sports court line markings. Daily mile playground markings are done to garner students’ attention and prompt them to participate in both team building and individual activities within the school premises.

Daily mile playground markings and sports playground markings aren’t just some random lines made on the playground using cheap material. Fun and activity playground markings are typically created using strong and sturdy thermoplastic material, which lasts 10 times longer than an average paint marking. Thermoplastic is also non-toxic and is made from a lead-free material to make it highly pigmented so that it doesn’t get removed from the surface easily.

Premier Play Solutions is one of the largest and most sought-after suppliers of outdoor school playground equipment in the entire UK. Premier Play Solutions offers a variety of school playground equipment including fun and active playground markings like Leap Frog, different types of Hopscotch, Jigsaw Target, Throw Fan, etc. Premier Play Solutions also specialize in different types of playground floor games like Dartboard, Cat and Mouse Maze, Circular Maze, etc. that will instantly turn your old and dull school playground into an interactive and fun space for kids. Stay with us so we can tell you more about the benefits of daily mile playground markings and how they make learning fun for children.

Healthy Benefits Of Installing Daily Mile Playground Markings In Your School Playground!

Sports playground markings are more than just a pattern children see on the ground. They are the stars that can easily brighten up any old and crusty school playground and make it a fun zone for the students. Playground floor games and playground marking games not only help promote a healthy and fun environment in school but also help shy kids come out of their shells and enjoy themselves with their peers.

Promotes Physical Activity In Growing Students 

Unlike traditional playgrounds where you will only find a tennis or basketball court, playgrounds with marking games encourage children to enjoy an active break time. Not all kids are good at sports like football or basketball and it doesn’t help them come out of their comfort zones when the only games their school offers are the ones mentioned. Physical activity is recommended for children and growing adults, especially between the ages of 5 to 18.

Different playground markings can be added to different sections of the school playground to make divisions for separate zones. For example, a Roadway zone can be added for kids to so they can learn more about different road signs and traffic regulations with Stop-Look-Listen/ Zebra Crossing/ Transport/ Traffic Sign markings etc.

Helps Students Develop Social Skills & Friendships 

One of the core benefits of having fun and active playgrounds in your school compared to the traditional ones is to help develop social skills in students. When students partake in team-building activities during their breaks, it fosters healthy friendships and helps them maintain social interactions while also playing games. Playground floor games are beneficial in eradicating any communication gap between the students and instead letting them collaborate on different playing markings.

Can Be Used As A Part Of The Curriculum 

Since the school playground paintings are available in different shapes and sizes, they can be easily incorporated into the school curriculum. This is extremely beneficial to kids between the ages 1 to 8, who are growing, and will help them tackle different subjects like maths, symbols, fruits, letters, etc. in a fun way. Class teachers can assign a day or two in the week to learning in the school playground where daily mile playground markings like Days of the week, Numbers, English Letters, Shapes, etc. can be the lesson for the day!

Makes A Difference For Specially Abled Kids 

Not all kids are born with the same capabilities and schools or school playgrounds should be the last place to make them feel any different than their peers. Having fun and active playgrounds with different game markings can help these children become more active socially and participate in different games with their classmates. Interactive playgrounds can help calm students who are easily overstimulated or anxious in large gatherings while helping them build social relationships and friendships at the same time.

Elevates The Look & Feel Of School Playground 

Typically traditional playgrounds are dull and lifeless adding nothing more than just a plain crusty look to the school. With just a few School Playground Equipment markings placed here and there, you can easily elevate the look of your playgrounds and add charm and vibrancy to the overall look of your school. Honestly, nothing screams fun more than a few snakes and ladders, Bunny Hops, Hopscotch, and animal footprint stickers thrown here and there on the ground. These small elements can make a huge difference to the overall atmosphere of the school and promote a healthy learning culture amongst the students.

So, daily mile playground markings play an important role in helping kids foster friendships and establish a learning environment in schools. Now, who are you waiting for? Grab your phones and get in touch with Premier Play Solutions today so that they can transform your playgrounds into fun learning zones.