SAFe is abbreviated as a Scaled Agile framework that recommends different ways and methods for the organization to implement and improve agile, lean practices. The SAFe framework has evolved over the years, helping enterprises to be nimble and agile to meet the ever-changing needs of customers in the competitive world. Practising agile in the organization has unique challenges because of the scale of operations and the stakes involved. Professionals need to meet defined benchmarks to sustain themselves in the competitive world. Getting SAFe certification is the best way to validate knowledge of SAFe. There are many other benefits of getting a SAFe certification; let me list a few of them.

Enhanced Expertise in Scaling Agile

The leading SAFe certification training course gives professionals in-depth knowledge of implementing agile methodologies in large organizations. The professionals will learn to develop customized solutions addressing unique challenges in the organization. The certification enables professionals to execute agile practices across multiple teams and locations. With practical experience in SAFe, professionals can develop a deep understanding of lean-agile principles and their application at scale. The certified professional can facilitate the easy adaption of agile across the organization. After certification, the professionals will be able to implement and practice tools for large-scale agile success.

Globally Accepted Certification

 SAFe certification is a globally accepted credential as it can accelerate your career growth. The certification is designed following a standardized format. The certificate increases your credibility as the authority behind the certification is recognised globally.

Attract More Clients

Any organization has the potential to attract clients when the profile of the employees can add strength to it. What the company can promise to do for the clients should be defined through the workforce qualification; in this world of agile practices, having SASM certification professionals counts.

Help in Making Better Organizational Decisions

Certified SAFe employees can win a chance to take part in the organization’s decision-making. A SAFe-certified product manager or developer will learn lean-agile principles as part of the course. The lean agile learned during the certification plays a crucial role in getting the quality product released on time. Lean and agile are part of organizational transformation, and a certified professional can expect their suggestion to be considered, paving the way for higher positions in the organization.

Influence Product Development

Product development is a complex process, and companies need to invest their best capabilities to showcase their organizational performance. Application of lean-agile principles can significantly affect the quality of the product as well as the speed of its development, which in turn affects organizational performance. A SAFe-certified professional becomes a vital asset as they could enrich the product development process and impact organizational performance.  

Grab Job Opportunities in Multiple Industries.

Today, SAFe agile methodology is widely used in multiple industries like software, marketing, finance, construction, and many others. Having SAFe certification will expose you to jobs in these industries. After completion of the SAFe certification course, one can expect to stand out for various job profiles like product manager, scrum master, senior product/ project manager, IT professional or product owner.

Workforce That can Manage Large Project Complexities

SAFe certification gives an excellent command to the aspirants over lean and agile principles, and it would upskill the professionals to handle the project complexities with ease. The certified professionals can orient the team to manage large projects with demonstrated efficiency and tools. Performance is what drives your growth in the organization. Organizations should encourage professionals to undergo SAFe certification as it could enable them to handle considerable project complexities and increase the performance of the professional as well as the organization, creating a win-win situation.

Develop a Continuous Delivery

A SAFe-certified developer will gain knowledge for developing a continuous delivery pipeline in product development. The knowledge empowers the certified professionals to learn the incorporation of DevOps tools and also gain learning of other tools and practices needed for developing continuous pipelines. The certification does not just expose you to SAFe principles but also helps you learn trending tools and processes.

Understand New Roles and Responsibilities

Scaling agile at the organization requires creating new roles and responsibilities for your current roles. A lack of understanding about changing to new roles from the current ones could lead to complications. The SAFe certification will help you gain the business acumen needed to support the new and existing team members with new Agile practices in product development.

Facilitate Quick Adaptation to Flexibility

Organizational expectations are constantly altering and aligning with client requirements, and businesses choose to go by the redefined requirements for client satisfaction. A certified SAFe professional can easily understand and utilize lean user experience and lean start-up cycle to evaluate ideas and inventions through SAFe certification.


There are many benefits of SAFe certification. The certification helps learn Agile principles and make better decisions at the organizational level, developing a continuous delivery pipeline. It also offers career growth through high-paying job opportunities in reputed organizations.