Are you looking for a secure and dependable way of commuting? Bajaj and TVS have established a reputation for producing traditional commercial vehicles. Such vehicles have safety and reliability as a priority and offer solutions that are reliable for different transportation needs. With their long-lasting structures, they ensure high performance among entrepreneurs and small businesses. The question is: are you handling either cargo or passengers: on any of these trips, Bajaj Compact and TVS King Duramax will leave you and your passengers at ease. This blog provides benefits of traditional CVs that will help you make an almost perfect choice.

Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater/CNG

The Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater/CNG is a cost-effective and eco-friendly transport solution for entrepreneurs. It offers an affordable CNG auto price range of Rs. 2.34 lakh and Rs. 2.35 lakh. Besides, its compact design and seating for drivers with 3 passengers make it suitable for short-distance travel. Moreover, it facilitates urban commuting for daily commuting passengers due to affordability. Further, it’s an auto rickshaw with a balanced grip and great load-bearing capacity for a better driving experience.  

TVS King Duramax

The TVS King Duramax is reliable for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike. It is designed for durability and efficiency, ensuring longevity and improved profitability. Besides, its robust engine and sturdy build allow the driver to navigate through challenging road conditions. Moreover, it is a low-maintenance model, with reduced operational costs translating to a high-profit margin. Further, it is a perfect auto rickshaw for commuting and business ventures at an affordable price range starting from Rs.1.80 lakh to Rs. 2.25 lakh.