Battery chargers are a boat must-have, because they will provide you with the confidence you need to be on the water, knowing that your boat’s batteries are well charged up. In the year of 2024, there may be some great chargers to do the job better. Ireland is a leader in the boat battery chargers sector for seagulls 2024!

Let’s start with number one.

1. Noco Genius 10 – Best Boat Battery Charger

Having the Noco Genius 10 on your runabout is getting a rocket booster for the battery on your boat. It’s low power and fast charging technology helps to charge your battery fast and safely. The unrivalled plus is the ability to charge all types of batteries even gels and lithium-ion batteries. First and foremost, the app is very easy to navigate. Just pick it up, put it where it should be, turn it on, and presto, your battery is being charged.

2. Battery Tender Plus

The Battery Tender Plus is also a noteworthy battery charger that works for boats. It has good reputation for its strength and durability, hence it is long lived. This charger is specially designed to ensure the well-being of your battery by means of the constant charge monitoring i.e over charging which if occurs for a long time can cause damage. It is, moreover, little and convenient, so you will be able to not only like it on your desk but take it with you everywhere.

3. Schumacher SC1359

The SC1359 by Schumacher is a heavy duty charger that will work for boats with batteries that are larger than normal, sometimes, five times the normal size. It has a fast charging tech, that allows charging the battery in a shorter time interval. Moreover, the safety features, such as overcharging and short circuits protection, are incorporated into the package. Also, it provides optimum conditions for your batteries to function at their maximum performance capacity, not minding your skillset in perishing boat maintenance.

4. ProMariner ProSport 12

Boat owners fell in love with the ProMariner ProSport 12 because of its versatile and productive characteristics. It’s not just for charging your battery, but also keeping your battery in a healthy state so it won’t die when you’re out in the water. This charger is also waterproof – that is obviously and bonus for boaters. It is not affected by harsh circumstances despite breaking down.

5. Victron Energy Blue-Smart IP65.

The priced last but not least in our list is the Victron Energy Blue Smart IP65 charger. This charger beats its competitors thanks to the advanced technology it uses. It is equipped with Features built for Bluetooth that let you observe and control your charging process by using your smartphone. It is also energy-saving as it doesn’t continue to work when charging your boat battery.


It is crucial for every individual who spends his spare time on board to own a quality boat battery charger. It allows your battery to be fully charged and always on standby ready to be used by you when necessary. In 2024, ranked first, fifth, you’ll find the Genius 10 by Noco, Battery Tender Plus, Schumacher SC1359, and ProSport 12 by ProMariner, all the way to Blue Smart IP65 from Victron Energy. All chargers may differ in what they actually do, thus be keen enough to get which one is best for your electricity needs.