A concealer is nothing short of a miracle wand. It may enhance your looks and hide anything. The catch, you ask? However, improperly placed concealer might have the reverse effect. Consider enhancing a blemish or cakey under-eyes. We found a few excellent concealer corrector tricks online.

Here are techniques for hiding, covering, and stealing anything, whether you’re a makeup beginner or an expert! 

  • Use A Deeper Cream Contour Shade 

Have you been overlooking how a concealer corrector may transform your contour game? You probably currently use a comparable hue to cover spots and a lighter shade to brighten. Instead of contour cosmetics, use a darker hue than your natural skin tone. Corrector concealer lasts longer, has more pigment, and makes skin flawless. 

  • Apply to the Inner and Outer Eye Corners to Enhance Eye Shape 

Applying a complete triangle of corrector concealer beneath your eyes is no longer necessary. To extend your eye, apply a tiny quantity beneath the inner corner, downward toward the side of your nose, and diagonally from the outer corner to the temple (like a winged liner). 

  • The Concealer ‘Sandwich’ 

Acne sufferers who struggle to cover their blemishes could try the concealer ‘sandwich.’ Applying concealer with a corrector palette before and after foundation provides better coverage and longer wear. Try a concealer that matches your foundation, and you’ll never go back.

  • Let Your Concealer Dry Before Blending

Before blending, let your concealer ‘dry’ on the face for several minutes, known as ‘cooking,’ for a perfect result. Keep concealer on the skin for a flawless blend and longer-lasting coverage as it thickens and reacts with skin temperature.

  • Apply Setting Spray and Powder to the Concealer for Optimal Creaseless Results 

Few people can stop concealer creasing. Concealer creasing occurs when concealer settles into tiny wrinkles and pores, especially around the eyes. To avoid this, press your setting powder over the face with a cosmetic sponge instead of dusting it over the concealer. This keeps the concealer from fading or creasing. 

  • Your Color Corrector Is Your BFF 

Any skin issue has a color corrector. Color correctors in the best concealer pallete can neutralize undesirable tones, preparing the optimal ground for skin-colored concealer. Green reduces redness, while yellow helps under-eye circles.  

  • Use Concealer To Clean Up Eyeliner 

How to get a super-sharp wing? The talent lies in the application but doing it correctly the first time isn’t necessary. Apply eyeliner as usual, then refine rough edges with concealer and a tiny, angled brush. The result? You will get life’s finest winged liner. 

  • Mix With Liquid Blusher to Lighten the Tone 

Mix your liquid blusher with a bit of concealer for a softer, less pigmented look for no-makeup days. It gives your cheeks just the right healthy, natural glow. 

  • Create A Customized Blusher by Mixing It with Your Preferred Lip Colors. 

Create fresh blushes using your favorite lipsticks or sheer them out with concealer. Mix lipstick and concealer on the back of your hand to get a creamy pigment, rub over the cheeks, and you’re done! They are perfect for monochrome, pulled-together looks. 

  • Apply Cream Concealers to the Remainder of Your Face and Liquid Concealers Beneath Your Eyes 

Liquid concealers with a concealer contour palette work well beneath the eye, as they are less likely to move and crease. Creamy concealers dissolve into the skin for invisible coverage. Always experiment with various formulations to discover what works for you.  


With its diverse nature and many applications, concealer is your eye’s beauty secret. With unlimited usefulness and a faultless finish, why wait? Check out your new hidden weapon. 


Discover game-changing concealer corrector techniques, such as utilizing a deeper cream contour shade and making a blusher with your favorite lip colors. 

The Viseart Corrector Palette is a professional makeup tool for perfect skin. It conceals, color-corrects, sculpts, and brightens. This palette’s creaseless consistency blends into the skin for a natural look.