The FN Herstal P90 Airsoft Gun AEG, known for its innovative design and impressive capabilities, has been a favorite in both military and law enforcement circles since its introduction in the 1990s. Its airsoft counterpart, especially those produced by Tokyo Marui, is no less popular among enthusiasts who appreciate its unique handling and aesthetic appeal in the world of tactical gaming. This blog post dives into the top five tactical setups for the P90, designed to cater to various styles of airsoft gameplay, from close quarters battle to open field engagements.

Part 1: Understanding the P90 in Airsoft

The P90 gun by Tokyo Marui holds a special place in airsoft due to its faithful replication of the real steel in both form and function. Known for its ergonomic bullpup design, the airsoft version mimics the compact structure which allows for easy maneuverability without sacrificing barrel length, crucial for maintaining accuracy over distance.

Specifications: Typically, Tokyo Marui models feature a standard magazine capacity of 68-70 rounds with options to extend, a functional range that fits most indoor and medium-range outdoor engagements, and a firing velocity that adheres to most field limits straight out of the box.

Part 2: Top 5 Tactical Setups

1. Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Loadout

  • Essentials: Tokyo Marui P90 TR, high-capacity magazine, reflex sight, vertical grip.
  • Focus: Maneuverability and rapid target engagement.
  • Ideal for: Indoor arenas and dense urban environments where space is limited and engagements are at close range.

2. Stealth Recon Loadout

  • Essentials: Standard Tokyo Marui P90 gun, suppressor (cosmetic), low-light optic, mid-capacity magazines.
  • Focus: Stealth and minimal noise emission.
  • Ideal for: Night operations or stealth missions requiring a low profile and suppressed visual presence.

3. Urban Assault Configuration

  • Essentials: Tokyo Marui P90 RD, integrated red dot sight, flashlight with strobe, high-capacity magazine.
  • Focus:  Versatility in urban settings.
  • Ideal for: Players who need a reliable setup for fast-paced urban skirmishes, capable of room clearing and rapid transitions.

4. Field Support Variant

  • Essentials: Tokyo Marui P90 with a box magazine, bipod, extended barrel, ACOG scope.
  • Focus: Sustained fire and support from a fixed position.
  • Ideal for: Outdoor fields where providing covering fire and holding long sightlines are necessary.

5. All-Purpose Marksman Setup

  • Essentials: Tokyo Marui P90, sniper scope, adjustable stock, high-grade BBs.
  • Focus: Accuracy and adaptability across various scenarios.
  • Ideal for: Players who participate in diverse game formats and require a setup that can be adjusted for both precision shooting and general skirmishes.

Part 3:Customization and Upgrades

Customizing the Tokyo Marui P90 can enhance its performance significantly. Upgrades like high-torque motors, precision barrels, and enhanced hop-up units can transform a standard P90 into a formidable tool on the airsoft field. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and lubrication, ensures the longevity and reliability of the setup.

Part 4: Where to Purchase

For those looking to start or enhance their airsoft arsenal with a P90, Airsoft Station offers a wide selection of Tokyo Marui products and accessories. With options ranging from entry-level setups to high-end custom builds, Airsoft Station is an excellent resource for purchasing reliable airsoft gear.



The P90 is a versatile platform that caters to a wide range of tactical needs in the airsoft arena. Whether you are engaging in close-quarter battles or supporting your team from a distance, the P90 can be configured to enhance your gameplay effectiveness. Its compact size, coupled with the potential for high customization, makes it a favorite among tactical airsoft players worldwide. When considering your next purchase of the best airsoft guns, remember to check out the vast offerings at Airsoft Station, where you can find everything you need to build the perfect P90 setup for your tactical needs.



1. What makes the P90 gun a good choice for airsoft?

Answer: The P90 gun is renowned in airsoft for its compact and ergonomic design, making it an excellent choice for players who value maneuverability and ease of handling. Its bullpup configuration allows for a shorter overall length without sacrificing barrel length, which helps maintain accuracy at range. Additionally, the high-capacity magazine and ambidextrous controls make it versatile and suitable for both CQB and open-field scenarios.

2. How can I customize my P90 gun for better performance in airsoft games?

Answer: Customizing your P90 gun can greatly enhance its performance in airsoft games. Consider upgrading key components such as the hop-up for better accuracy, installing a high-torque motor for faster response, or adding a precision barrel to improve shot consistency. External modifications like tactical rails can allow for the addition of accessories such as optics, foregrips, or flashlights, tailoring the gun to specific tactical needs.

3. Are there specific setups of the P90 gun that are better for beginners in airsoft?

Answer: For beginners, the Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Loadout of the P90 gun is often recommended. This setup typically includes a simple red dot sight and a vertical grip, enhancing ease of use and handling without overwhelming new players with complex accessories. It’s an effective setup that allows newcomers to focus on improving their gameplay fundamentals in a variety of environments.

4. What is the best P90 gun setup for outdoor airsoft fields?

Answer: The Field Support Variant is ideal for outdoor airsoft rifle fields. This setup typically involves a box magazine for extended capacity, a bipod for stability during sustained fire, and an ACOG scope for improved visibility at range. These enhancements make the P90 gun suitable for providing cover fire and engaging targets over longer distances, crucial in outdoor scenarios.

5. Where can I buy accessories and parts for my P90 gun for airsoft?

Answer: Accessories and parts for the P90 gun can be purchased from specialized airsoft retailers, both online and in airsoft store. One such retailer is Airsoft Station, which offers a wide range of P90-compatible accessories and parts, including magazines, tactical rails, optics, and internal upgrades. They provide options for all levels of airsoft enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced players looking for high-performance components.