Costa Rica is the perfect place for people who want to get married. Unsurprisingly, many choose this wonderful country because of its astonishing sandy beaches, green jungles, and picturesque views. Whatever your needs are, you will find suitable facilities; whether you want an opulent party or just close friends invited, they can be accommodated in Costa Rica.  

The following are some fantastic locations one can plan their wedding in Costa Rica: 

  1. Manuel Antonio

Why Choose Manuel Antonio? 

Suppose you need more clarification as to why Manuel Antonio would ever be your answer to any question regarding marriage ideals or destinations. In that case, this article is just right for you. Manuel Antonio is a place known by everybody because of its lovely beaches and rich wildlife, which makes it a perfect wedding scene. Whether you want your wedding to be dressed on the ocean side or in the middle of green trees, this place has them all.  

Best Place for Small Weddings 

It is the best place to hold a less exhaustive wedding. If you are wondering why you should choose Manuel Antonio for your perfect wedding location, this post is for you. It is a pristine destination characterized by beautiful sandy beaches overlooking the Pacific Ocean, breathtaking sunsets, perfect weather all year round, and abundant wildlife. Your fairytale small wedding will look utterly beautiful and mesmerizing.  

  1. Arenal Volcano

Why Choose Arenal Volcano? 

The reasons you would choose Arenal Volcano include its natural beauty and the level of adventure it offers couples. For wedding destinations and nature-loving couples who are after thrills, Arenal Volcano becomes a perfect place because it has been known over the years as a paradise with lush vegetation that one dreams about. 

Ideal for Adventurous Couples 

Arenal Volcano would make the ideal wedding destination for couples who love adventure and natural beauty. With its luxuriant vegetation, it is thought to be a real paradise. Arenal is a fantastic wedding venue in Costa Rica for those who want to combine their wedding with thrilling activities like hiking, zip-lining, and hot spring relaxation. 

  1. Tamarindo

Why Choose Tamarindo? 

People know this place as a beautiful resort area close to the ocean where the sunsets are breathtaking. Therefore, this is an ideal location if you want to have relaxed and full of fun weddings.  

Ideal for Beach Weddings 

To inform couples intending to wed on beaches, those who have always dreamed of tying their nuptials along sea edges will find Tamarindo very exciting. The sandy beaches that characterize its landscape against beautiful sunsets make it a perfect spot for shooting wedding photos. 

  1. Monteverde

Why Choose Monteverde? 

Monteverde is famous for its cloud forests and biodiversity. It’s a unique wedding venue that affords cool temperatures and dense vegetation.  

Ideal Place for Nature Lovers  

Monteverde suits couples who love wildlife and wish to have their wedding in vegetation-covered areas; this has been claimed several times before. Another good place, however, might be a tiny ceremony spot as well. 

  1. Papagayo Peninsula

Why Choose Papagayo Peninsula? 

Papagayo Peninsula, often referred to as the ultimate tourist destination in Central America, offers visitors many incredible experiences ranging from its luxury hotels to clean beaches where most people spend their honeymoons.  

Right Choice for Expensive Weddings  

If you have been thinking about where to hold a luxurious and posh wedding in Costa Rica, the Papagayo Peninsula is known to have top-notch facilities and services. 

Tips for Planning Your Costa Rican Wedding 

Selecting the Appropriate Season  

Costa Rica generally experiences two dominant seasons: the dry season from December to April and the rainy season from May through November. During the dry season, most people prefer to hold wedding ceremonies outside.  

Recruit a Local Wedding Coordinator 

A local wedding coordinator will explain everything about logistics and ensure that everything is taken care of for you. They possess sufficient knowledge of that area to easily link various things to make your day what you want. 

Consider Legal Requirements 

Ensure you understand the legal requirements for getting married in Costa Rica. Your wedding planner can assist with the necessary paperwork and procedures. 


Costa Rica offers an extensive range of stunning wedding venues that would perfectly serve large celebrations or intimate small weddings. Tamarindo beaches, Arenal adventures, or Papagayo Peninsula luxuriousness—whichever of these you choose for your weddings, you’ll get the right place to say “I do.”  

Every wedding venue found in Costa Rica has something particular that differentiates it from other sites, hence helping people plan a day that suits their type. A great touch of joy and delight on your fantastic day is the Pura Vida, meaning encapsulated in the laid-back, cheerful living of Costa Rica.  

Regarding an unforgettable experience, think about having a small wedding in one of these locations that will take your breath away. And it doesn’t matter where your wedding will be; Costa Rica is the right stage to begin your new life.