Are you someone who is dedicatedly preparing for the Staff Selection Commission Junior Engineer examination in any of the Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering fields? Then look no further than EA Publications for the best study material for your exam preparation that will elevate your confidence to the next level. At Engineers Academy the faculty offers a treasure trove of knowledge as well as the coaching notes from EA Publications provide for the top quality of previous year solved papers tailored specifically for SSC JE aspirants, providing invaluable insights and practice opportunities to help you ace the exam with better ranks.

SSC JE Civil Engineering Previous Year Solved Papers

Civil engineering aspirants aiming to crack the SSC JE examination can benefit immensely from EA Publications collection of SSC JE civil engineering previous year solved papers. These solved papers encompass a wide range of topics, including but not limited to structural engineering, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, and construction management. By studying the past year’s papers, candidates can familiarize themselves with the examination pattern, understand the types of questions asked, and hone their problem-solving skills. EA Publication ensures that each solved paper is meticulously curated, providing detailed explanations for each question to facilitate comprehensive understanding and learning.

SSC JE Electrical Engineering Previous Year Solved Papers

Electrical engineering is a crucial field or domain in the SSC JE exam, and EA Publications provides a comprehensive selection of SSC JE electrical engineering previous year solved papers to help candidates in their preparation. These practice papers cover various topics such as electrical circuits, power systems, electrical machines, and measurements. By practicing with these solved papers, aspirants can enhance their conceptual clarity, improve their time management skills, and boost their confidence for the exam. EA Publications’ solved papers are accompanied by detailed solutions, allowing candidates to grasp the underlying principles and reasoning behind each question.

SSC JE Mechanical Engineering Previous Year Solved Papers

Mechanical engineering aspirants aspiring to crack competitive exams mostly rely on EA Publications collection of previous year’s solved papers to streamline their preparation. The SSC JE mechanical engineering previous year solved papers cover a diverse range of topics including thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, machine design, and manufacturing processes. By solving these papers, candidates can assess their strengths and weaknesses, identify recurring question patterns, and refine their problem-solving techniques. EA Publication ensures that each solved paper is exhaustively explained, enabling candidates to grasp the fundamental concepts and excel in the exam with ease.

What makes EA Publications different

EA Publications stands out as a trusted ally for SSC JE aspirants seeking high-quality study materials. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to educational empowerment, EA Publications offers a range of benefits to its users:

1. Comprehensive Coverage: EA Publications’ solved papers encompass the entire syllabus of the paper, ensuring thorough preparation and mastery of key concepts.

2. Detailed Solutions: Each solved paper is accompanied by detailed solutions, providing step-by-step explanations and insights into problem-solving techniques.

3. Exam-Like Experience: By practicing with EA Publications’ solved papers, candidates can simulate the exam environment, thereby enhancing their confidence and performance on the day of the exam.

4. Time-Tested Success: Many SSC JE aspirants have benefitted from EA Publications’ study materials, with numerous success stories attesting to the efficacy of their preparation strategies.


EA Publications emerges as the go-to destination for SSC JE aspirants seeking previous-year solved papers in Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. With comprehensive coverage, detailed solutions, and a track record of success, EA Publications empowers candidates to excel in the SSC JE exam and embark on a fulfilling career in engineering. Choose EA Publications today and take the first step toward your dreams of becoming a Junior Engineer with the Staff Selection Commission.