Tata Motors provides its best flagship models in the Ultra and Magic series. Both have outstanding models for passenger commute and cargo transportation. They have commercial vehicles built with assured reliability and durability. Also, they offer high productivity with super mileage for extended trips. Read the blog to know how the Tata Ultra and Magic series contribute to smooth transportation. 

1. Tata Ultra Series

Tata Ultra trucks stand out in the transportation sector, offering high-value performance and improved turnaround time. With advanced technology enhancing overall efficiency, these trucks ensure high profits on every trip. 

It offers Diesel, LNG, CNG, and Electric variants, delivering high mileage and maximum output. Also, the robust body structures ensure safety, while high payload capacity maximizes earnings. 

The series offers versatile options for loading applications, with fuel-efficient engines for optimal performance. The price ranges from Rs. 10.70  Lakh to Rs. 38.34 Lakh, providing excellent value. The electric models are gaining popularity in the segment.

2. Tata Magic Series

The Tata Magic stands out as a top choice for commercial passenger transportation in India, providing livelihood to millions over 15 years. 

Engineered with durability and comfort in mind, these vans offer a robust design and ergonomic features for a comfortable commute. With high mileage, speed, and stability, Tata Magic surpasses competitors in its class. 

Notably, Tata Magic ensures safety with innovative features like RPAS and Gear Shift Advisor. It enhances driver ergonomics for a smooth journey.

Tata Magic vans cater to various commercial needs in a price range from Rs. 5.65 Lakh to Rs. 8.94 Lakh. They come with diverse fuel options, including petrol, diesel, and electric, and standout features in the Magic EV model.