The White Tennis Shoes that white supremacist group Aryan Circle members wore, as they beat a man with a pistol and a steel bar in front of his Dallas home last week were purchased from Walmart Stores Inc., which said Friday it is investigating the source of the shoes.

The white supremacist gang tattooed ’14’ on their faces beneath gray eyeshades — images similar to those worn by prison inmates identified with the white power movement’s numbers-based code. The number 14 is often associated with white supremacists because “14 words” is a popular white racist slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Walmart spokesman Ragan Dickens said the company is looking into where the white tennis shoes were made. A Walmart spokeswoman told The Associated Press that the company stopped selling the shoes, which are white and have blue stripes, on Thursday. The white supremacist group has not been identified but is believed to be a newly formed Texas-based chapter of Aryan Circle, which has a long history of violence against black people, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The white supremacist gang left a note at the crime scene, which included a white supremacist website. A white supremacist group took responsibility for the incident. It all started when white supremacists showed up at the victim’s front door and began yelling slurs about his wife, who is of Mexican descent. The white supremacists said they heard that her husband was looking for them to join their white racist gang. An argument ensued and white supremacists beat the victim with a pistol and a steel bar repeatedly in front of his home as people watched from nearby apartments.

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This horrific story is another example of the dangers that come along with white supremacy. White supremacists groups are nothing to mess with and their hatred for anyone who is not white often leads to violence. It is important that we do not support these groups by buying products from companies that sell items associated with white supremacy. Instead, let’s stick to companies like Wal-Mart that have apologized for their connection to this violent attack and are now investigating the source of the shoes.

The company is committed to designing Kids’ Tennis Shoes that are comfortable for kids and encourage healthy foot development. We have a wide selection of tennis shoes available in many styles, sizes, colors, and designs to ensure every child has the opportunity to play with comfort and confidence! Stop by our store today or visit us online at We can help send a message to white supremacists by boycotting companies that sell products associated with white supremacy. Let’s show these groups that we will not tolerate their hatred and violence.

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