Do you know why Mahindra and Ashok Leyland trucks are preferable in rural areas? It’s simple – they can meet diverse business needs owing to their rugged design and innovative technology. 

But you might also wonder whether they’re fuel-efficient for rural transportation. To find answers, read the given description for both models. You will understand how these models ensure fuel economy while having uninterrupted rides. 

Mahindra Blazo X 49 Truck

The Mahindra Blazo X 49 truck is equipped with mPower 7.2 Litre FuelSmart engine. It produces a powerful 280 HP output and enhanced torque for quick speed.

This model has a GVW of 49000 kg, allowing high payload capacity for heavy loads. Also, its wheelbase of 6770 mm ensures a stabilized ride on rugged terrain and flyovers. 

The price range of the Mahindra Blazo truck is set at Rs.45.20 Lakh – Rs. 49.25 Lakh for users’ accessibility. Further, its 415-liter fuel tank supports uninterrupted rides. 

Ashok Leyland BOSS 1115 Tipper

Integrated with cutting-edge iGen 6 technology, the Ashok Leyland Boss 1115 tipper is a versatile model. Also, it generates 150 HP output for optimal performance. 

This model, with a GVW of 11120 kg and a wheelbase of 2990 mm, promotes a balanced and stabilized ride. Also, its 8.25X16 – 16PR (front and rear) tyres provide a strong grip. 

The ex-showroom price range for this Ashok Leyland boss truck is Rs. 19.11 – 19.86 Lakh. Further, the giant fuel tank of 208 liters supports nonstop, last-mile cargo deliveries.