The Kizad Free Zone in Abu Dhabi stands out as a top destination for businesspeople and investors within the dynamic business and trade landscape that has made the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a major worldwide center. With a plethora of advantages and a simplified setup procedure, Kizad enables companies to prosper in top-notch surroundings.

This thorough guide explains the main procedures involved in setting up your business in the Kizad Free Zone in Abu Dhabi and examines the benefits of doing so.

Why Choose Kizad Free Zone?

For companies looking to grow or launch a new project, Kizad Free Zone offers an alluring opportunity. This is why it’s so alluring:

  • Kizad Free Zone is a tempting option for businesses wishing to expand or start a new venture. It’s so seductive because of this:
  • 100% Foreign Ownership: Kizad does not require a local partner because it permits full foreign ownership, in contrast to the UAE’s mainland. For multinational corporations, this provides more control and flexibility.
  • Tax Benefits: Kizad Free Zone offers $0 corporation and income tax to businesses, which makes it a desirable place to maximize earnings.
  • Simplified Company Setup: Kizad provides a quick and easy company registration process that reduces waiting times and frees you up to concentrate on your main business operations.
  • Strategic Location: Kizad offers your company smooth worldwide connectivity because it is located close to important transportation hubs like Khalifa Port and Abu Dhabi International Airport.
  • World-Class Infrastructure: The Free Zone has cutting-edge infrastructure to meet a variety of corporate demands, including specialized industrial zones, logistics centers, and commercial space.
  • Encouraging Ecosystem: Kizad creates an atmosphere that is conducive to business by offering specialized services for investors, such as help obtaining company permits, visas, and regulatory compliance.

Types of Businesses in Kizad Free Zone

  • Kizad provides specialized zones for a variety of sectors, including:
  • Logistics: Perfect for businesses engaged in freight forwarding, distribution, and warehousing.
  • Manufacturing: Heavy, light, and medium-sized enterprises are served by dedicated industrial zones equipped with cutting-edge capabilities.
  • Trade: A center for import, export, and reexport operations that promotes international trade.
  • Services: Offering assistance for a variety of commercial and professional services, such as consulting, engineering, and technology.

Establishing your business in Kizad Free Zone involves a series of key steps:

  1. Choose Your Business Activity and Legal Structure:
  • Business Activity: Clearly outline the precise tasks that your organization will perform inside the Free Zone.
  • Legal Structure: Select the right legal structure, such as an LLC or a division of an already-existing business.

Company Name Approval:

  • Send the firm name you have selected to the Kizad authorities for approval.
  • Make sure the name accurately describes your company’s operations and complies with Free Zone requirements.

License Application:

  • Depending on the nature of your firm, choose between an Industrial, Trading, or Service license.
  • Send in the necessary paperwork, such as company strategies, financial forecasts, and copies of the directors’ and shareholders’ passports.
  • Options for sponsoring a visa may be available, depending on the types of trade license in UAE you have selected.

Company Registration and Fee Payment:

  • After authorized, finalize the Kizad authorities’ company registration procedure and make the necessary payment.
  • Generally, fees are for licensing, applications for a visa, and registration (if any).

Office Space and Warehousing:

  • To meet your business needs, Kizad provides a variety of office spaces and warehousing facilities.
  • Select the area that can best support your operations needs and future expansion.

Visa Processing (Optional):

  • You can apply for visas through Kizad based on the kind of license you’ve chosen and your requirement for staff.
  • The Free Zone can help employees and their dependents with the visa application procedure.

Business Bank Account:

 Ongoing Compliance:

  • Continue to comply with statutes by following Free Zone rules and renewing licenses and visas on schedule.

Additional Considerations

  • Business Support Services: Kizad offers a number of business support services, such as accountancy, legal counsel, and help with company formation.
  • Immigration and Visas: Speak with immigration authorities about the criteria for employees and your alternatives about visas.
  • Local legislation: To make sure your company runs legally, familiarize yourself with all applicable UAE and Free Zone legislation.


Establishing a business setup in the Kizad Free Zone in Abu Dhabi gives you access to top-notch facilities, a friendly business community, and substantial tax advantages. Kizad provides an ideal platform for starting a business and expanding globally, thanks to its simplified establishment process and dedication to investor success.