A novel structural strengthening and repairing technique known as carbon fibre reinforced materials (CFRP) first appeared in industrialised nations like Japan in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It involves strengthening concrete structures using CFRP. In our nation, this technology has advanced quickly and gained widespread usage, particularly in the last ten years. The two primary types of carbon fibre materials are sheets and plates, with sheets being the more common. A significant factor in the effective marketing and use of this technology is the performance and choice of structural adhesives for the reinforcement of carbon fibre sheets.


The primary purposes and technical specifications of adhesives reinforced with carbon fibre

At the moment, epoxy resin adhesives are essentially what are used extensively in carbon fibre adhesives. Among thermosetting resins, epoxy resin has the most comprehensive performance due to its numerous great qualities. The following qualities of carbon fibre adhesives based on epoxy resin are present: low internal stress, low curing shrinkage, good mechanical properties, and great bonding properties. The composite material system is simply manufactured, the operation process performs well, and the carbon fibre is wettable. extended storage time, strong stability, and resistance to corrosion.

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