As cooler weather descends with a distinct chill in the air, retreating to the fireplace to enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire is so appealing. There is something so relaxing about watching the dancing flames while you relax after a long day. Sure, you could just crank up the furnace, but where is the romance in that? 


Specifically, your chimney is an integral part of your fireplace that needs regular attention to ensure fireside joy for years to come. Do you know what to look for in chimney maintenance? For a few signs that your chimney needs help, consider Chimney Repair Littleton and continue reading below.  


Cracked Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is an integral part of your chimney’s structure. Water can enter between the chimney and the liner when the crown is damaged. With fluctuating temperatures, this water can freeze and thaw, causing cracks. Consider weatherproofing your chimney and chimney crown to prevent this type of damage. Chimney Repair Littleton can help with issues such as these. 


Signs of Rust

If you have trouble operating your fireplace damper smoothly, inspect your unit for rust. Rust in the damper or firebox is a sign that water is leaking somewhere in your chimney, most likely from cracks. Rust is not a good sign and should be investigated by a professional from Chimney Repair Littleton.  


Strong Smokey Odor

If you use your fireplace frequently, your chimney should be cleaned regularly to prevent creosote buildup. Creosote smells terrible and can block toxic fumes from exiting the chimney, allowing them to escape into your home. Creosote buildup can also contribute to an increased incidence of house fires. 


Crumbling Bricks

Bricks are porous and can absorb water. However, if they absorb too much water, they can begin to chip, crack, or even mold, leaving your fireplace susceptible to significant damage. If you see chips or pieces of mortar building up in the bottom of the fireplace, it is time to call a professional from Chimney Repair Littleton. 


Damage To Mortar Joints

If the mortar in your chimney crumbles when you touch it, it is degraded and should be replaced, as your chimney could collapse. Damage to mortar joints can occur for various reasons, including age, temperature changes, erosion, and even foundation shifting. When you see cracks in the mortar, it is time to call a professional for chimney repair.   


Wall Damage

With any type of damage to the bricks and motor of the chimney, water can penetrate the walls of your home surrounding the fireplace. If this happens, you may notice peeling wallpaper or discoloration on the walls and ceiling directly around your fireplace. 


Schedule Regular Maintenance

Fireplaces are a joy, but keeping them in working order requires some preservation and care on your part. Protect your home and family while enjoying your fireplace.  Schedule regular maintenance from Chimney Repair Littleton. By taking care of the little issues as they arise, you will prevent big problems from doing costly damage to your home.