Research says that 1 in a group of 5 people is suffering from some kind of emotional and behavioral disturbances today. If we take a country in general, there are close to 60-70 million people who are suffering from mental disorders. These can be stress, anxiety, depression, and many other prevalent mental health issues. Yes, there are lots of medical treatments available to cure these mental disorders. However many people are inclined towards a holistic approach to deal with these mental health problems. This approach involves being in contact with a Christian mental health counselor. In today’s times when people are more shy while sharing what they exactly feel in person, online Christian counseling has gained a lot of popularity where people feel expressing themselves freely. Whether your mental health concerns are related to marriage or family, there is an online Christian marriage counseling & Christian family counseling therapist for you. It’s just about getting to know how to find a good Christian counselor to deal with your mental health.

In this blog post, we will discuss some aspects of Christian mental health counselors & answer how to find a good Christian counselor for you.

Who Is A Christian Mental Health Counselor?

A Christian mental health counselor is a professional therapist who has gained a professional degree and experience in dealing with the mental issues of people using psychological principles with Christian teachings.

For example: if you feel like you develop anxiety over very small things that can be let go, you can consult a mental health counselor who incorporates Christian beliefs in his therapy.

What Does A Christian Mental Health Counselor Integrate?

A Christian mental health counselor integrates both faith and therapy to cure your mental health issues from their roots. As for many Christians, faith is a central part of their identity and life experience, they prefer to get in touch with a therapist who also has the same beliefs as them. 

A Christian mental health counselor utilizes:

  • traditional therapeutic techniques, like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and
  • mindfulness, by keeping the faith of
  • Biblical scriptures, prayers, and Christian doctrines.

All these mixed in either offline or online Christian counseling make you feel understood on a deeper spiritual level & also foster a sense of hope and purpose rooted in your faith.

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The Holistic Approach To Healing

A Christian mental health counselor takes into account the mind, body, and spirit to understand the mental problems of the client. He or she understands that spiritual distress can lead to psychological symptoms and vice-versa as well. They treat the whole person and try to offer more comprehensive care.

For example: if you have anxiety issues, it might be possible that you are experiencing both psychological aspects of the condition and spiritual issues. In this case, the Christian mental health counselor can guide in prayer or meditation on specific Bible verses that connect to God, alongside teaching relaxation techniques during an offline or online Christian counseling session.

What Specific Issues Does A Christian Mental Health Counselor Address?

A Christian mental health counselor addresses a wide range of mental health problems. Some of them are as follows:

  • Spiritual Struggles

Sometimes, people face doubts, guilt, or confusion about their faith. In this case, a mental health counselor can help navigate these challenges with the help of Biblical insights and spiritual support.

  • Relationship Problems

Whether you are dealing with marital conflicts, family problems, or friendships, there’s an offline/ online Christian marriage counseling, Christian family counseling, and Christian friendship counseling expert for you respectively. He or she will provide guidance rooted in Christian principles of love, forgiveness, acceptance, suffering, compassion, reconciliation, and letting go.

  • Grief and Loss

When we lose someone from our life, especially the ones who used to be very close to our hearts or were our dear ones, can shake us from the inside. Many people get depressed after such an incident. In this case, getting along with an offline or online Christian counseling expert can offer comfort and hope through the promise of eternal life. Also, he or she will assure you about God’s presence in times of sorrow.

  • Addiction and Recovery

Offline or online Christian counseling can also help us let go of sticky addictions that do not leave us after lots of effort. A Christian mental health counselor can help by using a combination of therapy and spiritual practices to support clients in overcoming addictions, whether it’s an addiction to alcohol or some materialistic things.

  • Identity & Purpose

The biggest advantage of having offline or online Christian counseling with an expert is that it helps you find the actual reason for your existence in this universe. He or she helps you find out why you exist here, what is your identity, and what is the meaning of finding direction in your relationship with God.

Christian Mental Health Counselors in White Bear Lake

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Remember, today’s better mental health will build the best you in the future! 

If you are struggling or feeling any small mental health problem, do not hide it. Be open about it, and share with your family & trustable friends. If you do not want to, do not worry at all! There is a Christian counselor to help you! Get in touch with the one today & spread awareness about mental health among people. Guide them to be open and assertive about it.