Citroen eC3
Citroen eC3

Citroen eC3 Features

The Citroen eC3 comes packed with cool stuff! You get a big 10.2-inch touchscreen to control your music and phone with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also has manual AC to keep you cool and a digital screen to show important info while you drive. Plus, you can enter without using a key, adjust your seat height, and use smart car features to stay connected.

Citroen eC3 Safety Features

The Citroen eC3 prioritizes your safety with a range of features designed to keep you protected on the road. With dual front airbags, you and your front passenger are shielded in case of a collision, ensuring added peace of mind. The inclusion of ABS with EBD enhances braking performance, preventing wheel lock-up and ensuring stable braking even in emergency situations. Additionally, rear parking sensors assist you when maneuvering in tight spaces, alerting you to any obstacles behind the vehicle and reducing the risk of collisions. These safety measures work together to provide a secure driving experience in the Citroen eC3.

Citroen eC3 Motor and Range

The Citroen eC3 has a battery pack that stores electricity, kind of like a big rechargeable battery you might use for your phone. This battery pack is 29.2 kWh, which means it can hold a good amount of electricity.


It also has an electric motor, which is like the engine in a regular car but runs on electricity instead of gas. This motor can produce 57 PS, which is a measure of power, and 143 Nm of torque, which is the twisting force that helps the car move.


The eC3 can travel up to 320 kilometers on a single charge, according to the ARAI, which is an organization that tests vehicles to see how far they can go on a full battery. So, you can drive quite a distance before needing to recharge the eC3.


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