In COD MW3, the Surveillance Camera is a key item that players seek to obtain. This guide will walk you through the steps to acquire the Surveillance Camera, providing gameplay tips and strategies to enhance your experience.

What is the Surveillance Camera?

The Surveillance Camera in COD MW3 is a key item used in the Zombies mode to open the Dark Aether Rift. It is one of the four Sigils needed for this purpose. Players can obtain the Surveillance Camera by destroying a Harvester Orb with a weapon that has the Dead Wire Ammo Mod equipped. There are two variants of the Surveillance Camera: Epic (yellow) and Gold (ultra rarity). It’s marked with a Lightning Bolt, indicating that you need to use the Dead Wire Ammo Mod on your weapon. Once you place the Surveillance Camera on the Pedestal, you won’t be able to pick it back up, and it will disappear in the next match. If you want to get the required MW3 items more easily, then MW3 boosting services provided by U4GM will be your best choice.

Surveillance Camera

How to Get the Surveillance Camera?

Here are the steps to get the Surveillance Camera:

1. Add Dead Wire Ammo Mod On Weapon: The Surveillance Camera pedestal is marked with a Lightning Bolt, which indicates that you need to use the Dead Wire Ammo Mod on your weapon.

2. Shoot A Harvester Orb With The Dead Wire: Harvester Orbs are floating balls of Aether that drop money when shot. Shoot and kill it with Dead Wire ammo. It changes color after the first hit and once killed, it will drop a Surveillance Camera.

Shoot A Harvester Orb With The Dead Wire

3. Head Through Nearest Aether Tear: Once you have the camera, head through an Aether Tear that takes you into the sky. You will see another portal ahead of you, take that portal. This will take you to a new location.

Head Through Nearest Aether Tear

4. Find Purple Bounty Contract: When looking around the area, you will find a Purple Bounty Contract. You will find a transmission device with green smoke coming out of it. After you activate the contract, the bounty will appear marked in blue.

5. Complete And Receive Gold Surveillance Camera: Defeat the enemy that appears from the bounty contract, and you will receive the Gold Surveillance Camera.

How to Use the Surveillance Camera?

There are a total of four Pedestals for the Dark Aether Rift, which are all marked differently. A Skull, Flame, Ice, and Lightning indicate which key is needed. Place the Surveillance Camera on the Pedestal marked with the Lightning Bolt.

After we enter COD MW3 we can follow the guide above to get a Surveillance Camera which will help us to proceed more smoothly in the game.

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