The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode, also known as MW3 Zombies or MWZ, has been a topic of intense discussion among the gaming community. While it has brought a fresh perspective to the franchise, players believe that a few tweaks could elevate it to legendary status. This article will delve into the key areas that players believe need improvement and how these changes could enhance the overall gaming experience.

The Current State of MW3 Zombies

The Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has undergone significant changes, with elements of the popular Warzone mode being incorporated. However, this fusion has led to a dilution of the unique aspects of both modes, resulting in a gameplay experience that feels more like a Warzone reskin than a new take on Zombies.

The mode, known as Operation Deadbolt, takes place on an open map, allowing players to choose their battles. However, the lack of a player-vs-player element and the slow pace due to the map’s size often make the game feel at odds with the fast-paced, intense moments that made Zombies fun in the past. While we can optimize our gaming experience with the mw3 boosting services provided by U4GM, more players want this game to make changes.

Key Areas for Improvement

1. Removal or Extension of Timer

One of the main criticisms of the current MW3 Zombies mode is the timer. The game mode takes elements from Cold War’s Outbreak and Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ, aligning with extraction-based missions where players are given a set amount of time to complete contracts and exfil before time runs out. Players have suggested removing or extending the timer to allow for more flexibility and enjoyment.

2. Solo Option

The lack of a solo option in MW3 Zombies has been a point of contention among players. The ability to play solo would provide a more accessible experience for those who prefer to play alone or want to practice their skills without the pressure of a team.

3. Round-Based Gameplay

The inclusion of round-based Zombies is another improvement that players are calling for. This feature, often present in Treyarch entries, would bring a familiar and beloved aspect back to the game.

4. Equipment Tweaks and Progression

Players have also suggested changes to how the game mode works, including equipment tweaks and progression. For instance, the time limit before being forced to extract is not appealing to many players. Suggestions include making gas masks harder to obtain and having infinite durability, and resetting all contracts, strongholds, and infestations at the end of the storm to allow those who want to stay in one match longer.


While the MW3 Zombies mode has brought a new dimension to the Call of Duty franchise, there’s room for improvement. By addressing the areas highlighted by players, the developers could enhance the gaming experience and potentially create a legendary Zombies mode. As the gaming community continues to provide feedback, it’s clear that the potential for MW3 Zombies is immense and could lead to an even more exciting future for the franchise.

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