Many pet owners view their animals as friends or family members who provide happiness, unconditional love, and companionship. It can be devastating to lose a beloved companion, leaving an absence in the heart and the home. If you’re a pet-centric business owner like a veterinarian, groomer, pet sitter, trainer, dog daycare center or kennel operator you understand how deep the bond between people and their pets can be. Therefore, sending pet loss sympathy gifts to grieving clients is a meaningful and compassionate way to show your care. It also helps with marketing your business in a unique way. Grateful customers tend to share positive experiences with friends, family, and colleagues through word of mouth and on social media!

Thoughtful gestures that make a difference

Sending presents to express condolence for pet loss is a gentle way to show a grieving pet owner that you are aware of their pain and empathize with them. Sympathy gifts like flowers which are often sent for human loss are certainly thoughtful but aren’t specifically tailored towards pets. We offer a distinctive selection of pet themed gifts that create lasting memorials and celebrate the relationship between pets and their people.

Personalization and lasting memories

The ability to personalize gifts captures enduring pet memories more deeply. With our “You Left a Paw Prints on My Heart” memorial frame, a pet’s name can be added to the frame and a photo can be uploaded and inserted into the frame before it is sent to a recipient. Pet owners find solace in recalling the bond with their beloved animal companions.

A celebration of life and love

We provide more than sympathy; we celebrate the journey of pet ownership and the joy our loyal companions bring to our lives. The “Celtic Knot Pawprint Keychain” is a lovely example, representing the love and bond between a pet and its owner. This considerate pet loss gifts allows grieving pet owners to remember the good times they experienced during the lifetime they shared with their pet helping to soothe the sadness they feel.

Creating enduring memorials with our garden kit

One of our unique offerings is our memorial garden kit, which allows pet owners to create a lasting memorial wildflower garden. This do-it-yourself gardening kit includes wildflower seeds that may be planted and blossom year after year as a tribute. It’s a heartfelt approach to creating an enduring memorial that can be visited and cared for providing a sense of continuity and remembrance.

A convenient and supportive service for pet businesses

We understand that when someone experiences a pet loss, it can be a stressful time for the pet’s parent or pet family. That is why a Gift Perks account makes sending pet loss sympathy gifts convenient for all types of pet-centric businesses. Ordering personalized pet loss packages using a Gift Perks account is an easy way to send special packages directly to clients. Our company handles everything from gift wrapping your selections to handwriting your sympathy cards and shipping them direct to their mailbox. It’s a stress-free way to offer support during a difficult time.

The limitations of traditional sympathy flowers

While pet sympathy flowers are a thoughtful tribute, they frequently lack the permanence and individuality that pet sympathy gifts that we offer. Flowers wilt and perish, but our company’s gift offerings endure. These presents, whether a personalized keepsake or a memorial garden that blooms year after year as a result of our Pet Perennials Kit, provide a more lasting and meaningful way to honor the memory of a cherished pet.

The emotional impact of pet loss sympathy gifts

It can be extremely soothing for pet owners to have a physical way to remember their pets. The Pet Perennials Kit lets them redirect their grief into constructive craft making the custom seed wafers and then through the activity of planting and nurturing the wildflower garden that grows. It is a cathartic experience that allows pet owners to focus on the beauty that can emerge from their loss. Furthermore, personalized keepsakes like a memorial frame or keychain provide a tangible way to keep a pet’s memory close by.

Benefits for pet-centric businesses

As a pet-centric business owner, showing empathy and compassion to your clients is important. Sending pet loss sympathy gifts through a Pet Perennials’ Gift Perks account not only consoles bereaved customers but helps to deepen your relationship with them. Through this direct-to-consumer model our team handles everything from gift wrapping the presents, handwriting your personal messages on to sympathy cards and shipping directly to your valued clients allowing you to concentrate on other elements of your business.

Setting your business apart with pet loss gifts

If you own a pet-related business or any business with pet loving clients and employees, you can set yourself apart from the competition by sending unique and meaningful pet  sympathy gifts in their time of need. Your clients will appreciate your concern and care, which will foster loyalty and trust. It’s a simple gesture that has a memorable impact on them and your business by deepening relationships that extend beyond the loss.

Showing you care with pet loss sympathy gifts

Pet death is a very personal experience, and sending gifts using a Pet Perennials’ Gift Perks account provides a meaningful opportunity to express your sympathy. With our one-of-a-kind presents, a customer can grieve and remember in a meaningful way while celebrating the bond they shared with their pet. Register for a Gift Perks account then send a package the next time you learn of a loss and you’ll immediately see the significant impact the gesture had on them.

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