Though Crystal Clear Carpet Cleaning started out just cleaning carpets, they have since expanded their services to include cleaning all kinds of commercial buildings.


This expansion meets a lot of different business needs in Savannah, GA. It also helps facilities keep a clean, welcoming, and professional look.


Various Cleaning Services Offered


The company has a range of specialized cleaning services to provide which meet all of your business’s cleaning needs:


  1. Professional Carpet Cleaning: This service is designed to handle the heavy foot traffic that is common in business settings. It helps carpets last longer by fixing damage caused by foot traffic.


  1. Upholstery Cleaning: This service makes sure that furniture in commercial spaces stays clean and looks good, which goes along with the cleanliness of the space.


  1. Tile and Grout Cleaning: Using pressure cleaning methods to restore the look of tiles makes the space look better all around.


  1. Odor Removal: A good first impression depends on keeping a fresh smell, which is why odor management is one of the main services we provide.


  1. Stain and Spot Cleaning: If you clean up spills and stains right away, you can keep carpets and furniture in good shape.


Additional Services


Besides these main services, Crystal Clear can also clean oriental rugs, get rid of pet smells, and even clean yachts. They can also take care of the cleaning needs of rental properties.


Before the cleaning, clients do not need to do much; all they need to do is make sure the carpet is free of trash and other things that might get in the way.


Service Area


The company serves communities outside of Savannah, such as Georgetown, Pooler, Port Wentworth, and others. This means that a wide range of commercial properties in the area can use its services.


Call them at 912-732-8342 to ask about prices or get a free quote.