Several conditions are more typical (and can be exclusive) in females. Back pain-related concerns are typically seen in the post-menopausal age (above 50 years). Read on to learn more about the standard causes of back pain in women and why they happen.

Higher rates of back pain in women may be caused by changes in the pelvic musculature during pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal oscillations during the reproductive phase, and hormonal changes after menopause. One further factor is that most women are expected to carry out the household’s caring, maternal authority, and motherhood tasks. This often sets off a cascade of overuse problems to the muscles in the back. You can get excellent back pain treatments from a back pain doctor clifton .

Back Pain in Women During and After Pregnancy

The relaxing hormone secreted during pregnancy facilitates the relaxation of the muscles surrounding the pelvis. In this way, as the fetus grows during pregnancy, the forces can relax. The drastic change in centre of gravity and weight distribution can put more strain on the spine, leading to sciatica, lower back pain in women, and lower back pain brought on by hormones.

But for many women, months after giving birth, they continue to experience hormonal lower back discomfort. A hormone chills the ligaments in your pelvic joints to ready your pelvic joints for the baby’s birth canal passage. If You see any changes during pregnancy, visit a back pain specialists woodland park .

Understanding some conditions

Osteoarthritis in Spine

Age-related changes lead to the wearing down of cartilage layers, which can result in arthritis in the spine. As intervertebral discs dry out, their height decreases. Cushioning is lost due to degenerative changes at the facet joints. Women experience back pain due to this, especially after age 45.

Myalgia fibrosis

Fibromyalgia is an illness that induces aches all over the body. This typically occurs following medical care, surgery, an incident, or mental strain. There may not be a single triggering event for the symptoms, which start gradually.


Pain in the tailbone at the end of the spine, known as coccydynia, affects women four times more frequently than men. When touched, the painful area often feels sensitive and may hurt. Mishaps may bring on falls, injuries sustained during pregnancy, or bad posture. The pain can significantly impact daily activities like sitting, driving, and doing housework.

Back Pain During Menopause

Reduced vitamin D levels caused by declining estrogen levels can be painful if left unchecked. There are numerous symptoms associated with the perimenopausal stage, one of which is tailbone pain. Although backward falls and childbirth are the most common causes of tailbone pain, the exact cause is not always known by medical professionals. Injuries to the tailbone, surrounding ligaments, or both are possible because the tailbone isn’t flexible enough to bend when applied pressure. If you experience back discomfort, you must visit the back doctor new jersey.


Living with back pain is challenging since it makes even the most basic movements or jobs difficult. Women typically seek medical attention from a doctor for evaluation due to low back pain.

Never disregard persistent discomfort, as it could indicate a more severe condition than a sprain or strain, such as sciatica, a ruptured disc, or an infection. Likewise, acute discomfort that strikes out of nowhere should not be disregarded. When using over-the-counter ache relievers is inadequate, or when acute or regular pain interferes with daily workouts, it is best to consult a back pain specialists new jersey .