In 2024, the UK’s immigration system is poised for significant transformations, particularly in the realm of sponsor licence requirements for overseas workers. It is imperative for employers, migrant workers, and families navigating the UK immigration process to grasp the nuances of these changes.

This article delves into the intricacies of the forthcoming developments.


Salary Cut-off for Skilled Worker Visas: A Significant Rise

The minimum salary threshold for Skilled Worker visas is slated for a substantial upswing come April 2024. The new threshold, pegged at £38,700, represents a marked escalation from the previous £26,200. This adjustment presents challenges for various sectors reliant on skilled migrant labour. Proponents argue that this increase aims to ensure equitable pay for migrant workers vis-a-vis their UK counterparts.

However, exceptions are carved out for Health and Care visa applicants as well as professions governed by national pay scales, such as teaching.


Revamping the Shortage Occupation List

The UK government is set to revamp the existing Shortage Occupation List, introducing the Immigration Salary List in its stead. This revamped framework purportedly aims to better synchronize the list with prevailing labour market demands and address specific skills deficits in a more targeted manner. The revised list will delineate salary thresholds for occupations deemed crucial to the UK economy, although detailed thresholds and the list of included occupations are yet to be unveiled.


Restriction on Family Members Bringing with Migrant Care Workers

Upcoming regulations will impose stricter controls on migrant care workers, particularly concerning the entry of dependents into the UK. This regulatory shift is part of a broader strategy aimed at managing immigration numbers. Its ramifications are likely to reverberate across migrant care workers planning relocation to the UK with their families, potentially exacerbating skills shortages in the sector.


Transitional Measures for Existing Skilled Workers

Current participants in the Skilled Worker route stand to benefit from transitional measures. While exempt from the new salary threshold for certain changes like sponsor switching or visa extensions, they will be required to adhere to the revised salary criteria in subsequent applications. This provision seeks to offer a degree of stability and predictability for workers and employers already enmeshed in the system.


Surge in Immigration Health Surcharge

A notable surge in the Immigration Health Surcharge is on the horizon, affecting most visa categories. This hike is ostensibly another facet of the Government’s efforts to curtail immigration. The surcharge is slated to soar from £624 to £1,035 per year, effective from February 6, 2024, albeit certain visa categories, notably Health and Care visas, will be exempted.


Revised Partner Visa Income Requirements

Following public feedback and deliberation, the UK Government has recalibrated its approach to the income requirement for partner visas. Originally slated at £38,700, the proposed threshold has been revised downward to £29,000. Notably, this adjustment will not apply to visa renewals, signalling a more flexible stance compared to previous iterations. However, the move has sparked controversy due to the potential impact of such a significant increase on families and couples.



The impending changes to UK immigration rules in 2024 promise to reshape the landscape for employers, migrant workers, and families alike. These revisions are intrinsic to the Government’s broader agenda of immigration reduction. Stakeholders are well-advised to remain abreast of these changes and prepare accordingly.

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  1. How will the surge in the Immigration Health Surcharge impact visa applicants?
    • The surge in the Immigration Health Surcharge will lead to increased financial obligations for visa applicants across most categories, potentially impacting their overall cost of immigration to the UK.
  2. Are there any exemptions to the increased salary thresholds for Skilled Worker visas?
    • Certain categories, such as Health and Care visa applicants and professions governed by national pay scales like teaching, are exempted from the increased salary thresholds for Skilled Worker visas.
  3. What implications do the stricter regulations on bringing family members for migrant care workers have?
    • The stricter regulations may deter migrant care workers from relocating to the UK with their families, potentially exacerbating skills shortages in the sector and impacting family cohesion