Looking for comprehensive security solutions for your Calgary-based business?

How do you safeguard your valuable assets and ensure the safety of your employees?

Look no further.

Today’s security is paramount, and investing in robust security measures like commercial intrusion alarms is non-negotiable. Let’s delve into why commercial intrusion alarms are indispensable for ensuring the safety and security of your business premises.

The Importance of Commercial Intrusion Alarms

What Are Commercial Intrusion Alarms?

Commercial intrusion alarms, or burglar alarm systems, are sophisticated security systems designed to detect unauthorized entry or suspicious activities on business premises.

These systems utilize a network of sensors, detectors, and alarms to alert business owners or authorities in case of a security breach in real time.

Benefits of Commercial Intrusion Alarms

1. Deter Criminal Activity

Commercial intrusion alarms are a powerful deterrent against criminal activities such as burglary, theft, and vandalism.

The mere presence of these alarm systems can dissuade potential intruders from targeting your business, reducing the risk of property loss or damage.

2. Protect Employees and Assets

Ensuring the safety of your employees and protecting your valuable assets should be a top priority for any business owner.

Commercial intrusion alarms provide an added layer of security. They alert you and your employees to potential threats in real-time, thereby minimizing the risk of harm or loss.

3. 24/7 Monitoring and Response

One of the key advantages of commercial intrusion alarms is their round-the-clock monitoring capabilities.

These systems have advanced sensors and surveillance technology that continuously monitor your business premises for any signs of unauthorized access or suspicious activities.

During a security breach, the alarms automatically respond, alerting the relevant authorities or security personnel for immediate action.

4. Customizable Security Solutions


Every business is unique, with its own set of security challenges and requirements. Certified Alarms offers customizable intrusion alarm solutions tailored to meet your business’s specific needs.

Whether you run a small retail store or a large corporate office, our team can design and implement a security system that provides comprehensive protection for your premises.


How effective are commercial intrusion alarms in preventing break-ins?

According to statistics, businesses without security systems are up to 300% more likely to experience a break-in. Commercial intrusion alarms are a powerful deterrent against criminal activities, significantly reducing the risk of break-ins and property loss.

Can commercial intrusion alarms be integrated with other security systems?

Yes, commercial intrusion alarms can be seamlessly integrated with other security systems, such as access control, surveillance cameras, and fire alarms, to create a comprehensive security solution for your business.


Investing in commercial intrusion alarms is essential for safeguarding your business against potential security threats. These alarm systems can deter criminal activity, protect employees and assets, and provide 24/7 monitoring and response. They offer peace of mind and ensure the safety and security of your business premises.

Trust Certified Alarms to provide reliable and effective intrusion alarm solutions tailored to meet your unique security needs.

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