In today’s era, effective and secure data management is very important for organizations and individuals. On the internet, there are many email applications available for managing emails and other data. Microsoft Outlook is one such service. This is the most popular and common service. But no one wants to lose important email data. Therefore, it is always recommended to backup important emails in a file format that is very safe and can help you in the future. So, in this article, we will capture the query on how to convert PST files to PDF without Outlook.

Learn About the Microsoft PST File in Brief

PST is an Outlook Data File which is useful for email data such as messages, attachments, and other elements. Outlook use this file format to store and organize the email messages. While Outlook provides a very effective interface to access the data still it is good to save your files for any kind of accidental disaster.

Main Reasons to Convert PST to PDF Format

  • Universal Accessibility of PDF Files: Since PDF is a universally accessible file format, it is better to save Outlook PST emails as PDF. You can now access your PST files on any platform.
  • Maintains the Data Integrity: PDF file format always maintains the content in its original format, including text, images, and attachments.
  • Reduce the Size of Files: PDF files are smaller in size compared to PST files. It makes files easier to access and share.
  • Best to Create Backup: If you are thinking of saving PST file for backup. PDF is your best choice as it is the safest and easiest file format to save any type of content.

Methods to Convert PST Files to PDF without Outlook

  • Method 1: Manual Solutions

PST files can be converted to PDF format manually. But the thing is, to perform manual conversion, you will need Outlook and Adobe applications. You cannot directly convert PST to PDF without Outlook application. Additionally, manual conversion is a very time-consuming process.

  • Method 2: Using Online Methods

On the internet, you will find several online solutions to convert PST to PDF format. But these online solutions do not guarantee your confidentiality. They may save your file data. Also, you cannot convert multiple PST files to PDF format.

  • Method 3: Third-Party PST to PDF Converter

Manual and online solutions have so many limitations and security issues. They all can easily overcome with the help of professional PST Converter Tool. The application was developed with all users in mind. Using this application, one can convert PST files to PDF format in bulk or selectively as per the requirement. Using this software, you can preview PST file content, message header, hex value, original message and properties. Also, you can easily convert your PST files in some simple steps:

  • Download and run the PST to PDF Converter and click the Open button.
  • Browse your PST files into the software panel and it will load of all them on the left panel.
  • Click on loaded files to get the preview and go to Export option.
  • Choose PDF as the saving, choose output location and file naming option.
  • Finally, click the Save button to begin the conversion from PST file to PDF format.

In Conclusion

Accurate and secure data management is a critical aspect of today’s personal and professional lives. In the above content, we have discussed the topic of how to convert PST file to PDF without Outlook. Here we explain the benefits of doing so and all the possible ways to accomplish this task accurately. Also, it is recommended to use professional software to convert PST files to PDF instead of using Outlook.