Corporate event venues have a huge impact on the success — or failure — of a live occasion. They not only help to create a vital first impression but also influence the levels of guest comfort and play a significant role in the occasion’s overall theme.

The venue also shapes what you can achieve from a technical point of view, while the convenience of the location affects your chances of a full turnout. In short, finding the right venue is something you really need to get right.

Specialist event management company ConnectIn Events uncovers the top tips and key questions that will help you get this crucial decision right the first time.

Questions to Ask When Considering Corporate Event Venues

The following questions will ensure that you tick all the important boxes when choosing a venue for corporate events:


  • How Much Can I Spend? It’s worth pushing the boat out for somewhere special but not at the expense of other spending. A stunning stage is important but you need to be disciplined with your budget to get everything right.
  • Does This Match My Theme? All successful events have a theme. It could be inspired by films, music, famous cities, history, the future…the choice is all yours. However, if your venue is in complete harmony with the overall theme, everything will look even more amazing.
  • Is This Convenient for Everyone? Can guests reach the venue easily? Is there space for parking and public transport links? If not, are there guest rooms or nearby hotels?
  • Can I Achieve My Technical Goals? Even the most basic events will require a decent wifi connection. For more ambitious events, you’ll need to ensure that the venue can do everything you’ve got planned, from light shows to music and beyond

Top Tips For Finding the Right Venue For Corporate Events

The ideal corporate event venues are out there waiting. You just need to know the strategies that can get more bang for your buck. Here are our top tips for budget-friendly event excellence:

  • Use an Event Management Company: These guys know all the best locations, which can save you a lot of time and hassle. The best event planners in the North-West of England, such as ConnectIn Events, even offer free venue-finding as standard.
  • Be Flexible: Did you know that some corporate event venues are cheaper at some times of year than others? Some charge a much lower off-peak price, while others will offer serious discounts if you pay well in advance or sign up for multiple events. If you can be flexible over dates, it could save you serious cash.
  • The Full Package: Some venues offer comprehensive packages that include entertainment, catering, technical assistance and more. This can be an economical alternative to working with lots of different businesses, giving you a single point of contact for everything you need in a discounted bundle.
  • Check the Competition: Do you know what else is going on at the same time as your gathering? It’s usually best to avoid huge rival events. Ideally, you want to be the only show in town and not a footnote to someone else’s occasion.

It’s important to try not to feel overwhelmed when looking for the right venue. Yes, this is a big decision, but there is no shortage of options out there and lots of potential for getting a good deal. And, if you do find venue-hunting tricky, just remember that event managers like ConnectIn Events are there to offer support by doing what they do best — turning event ideas into a stunning reality. Contact them today to find out more.