Tata and Ashok Leyland provide cost-efficient commercial trucks benefiting various transportation needs. Businesses leverage the ability of trucks for their profit margin and reduce operation costs. Both brands offer a range of commercial vehicles that are easily customizable to meet diverse requirements. Let’s explore the features and benefits of these cost-efficient trucks in detail.

Tata 1512 LPT

This high-platform model has a diesel engine that produces a powerful 168 HP output. The Tata 1512 LPT helps rural businesses to grow and expand their product line. It can carry heavy loads for various commercial purposes in diverse industries. Additionally, 1512 LPT has a superb (16020 Kg) GVW that provides a maximum (10550 Kg) payload. In this way, the overall weight is distributed for a highly balanced ride.

Moreover, the outstanding wheelbase of 4200 MM ensures high stability on flyovers and hills. The Tata truck price for this LPT model is appropriate for the above specifications. This model is priced between Rs. 27.65 and Rs. 28.40 Lakh.

Ashok Leyland Boss 1218 HB EV

If there’s any heavy base truck ideal for intercity cargo transportation, then it’s Ashok Leyland. The Ashok Leyland Boss 1218 HB EV has fitted batteries to promote sustainability for cleaner trips. Also, with superb battery life, it charges quickly to deliver 300 to 350 Km/charge at 80 Kmph speed. The Ashok Leyland truck price fits the 1218 HB EV model because of its high GVW and payload capacity. Moreover, this model has better maneuvering and support with six durable tyres.

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