Want to expose your business products and Services across the global marketplace? Targeting only desktop-based users with a static website wouldn’t be enough. More than desktops, people like to shop and order from smartphones and tablets. Thus, to attract a broad marketplace across all areas, a website should be accessible to smartphones and tablets, too. It is only possible with a responsive dynamic website. This blog post is focused on the significance of having a responsive website and the cost of website development. 

Why does a Business Need a Responsive Website Design and Development? 

Whether it is a big business, enterprise, or any small shop, online presence can drive a big impact. From shopping to ordering food to medical services and education, now everything is accessible through apps and websites. It is worth targeting the broader audience with seamless, hassle-free accessibility of products and services. However, some website designs, content, and features look disturbing. It’s all because of a lack of responsiveness.  

Businesses prefer responsive websites to drive profit, sales, and better customer engagement. However, there’s a slight difference between normal and responsive web application development services costs. 

Cost of Website Development Decoding for hassle-free Development 

Each business is different. Its customer behavior and preferences are different. To stay ahead of the competitors, expand the business, and provide a better customer experience, a responsive website has potential. A responsive design and structure are fit and compatible across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, saving the development cost of separating apps. It is a compatible, seamless, and interactive experience.  

A wise businessman thinks multiple times before making any small or big investment. It’s a website that informs the customers about your services and products thus, from design and theme to accessibility, everything should resonate with the vision, vibe, and objectives of the business.  

It is a frequently asked question: what is the ideal cost to develop a fully responsive website? 

A website development has a frontend, backend, database, and control panel. There are various features and factors important to enhance the quality and accessibility of the website. The web development checklist includes the business type, page structure, heme, framework, features, domain and hosting, SEO, SSL, etc.  In conclusion, the website development costs break down between 10000-500000 in India.  

Basic Factors Playing an Important Role in Responsive Website Development Cost

Developing a responsive website is not a piece of cake. It requires proper information gathering, analysis, and planning to decide what features must be implemented. How many pages will it contain? Additionally, the complexity level helps to design and navigate the roadmap. To drive massive engagement, visitors, content media files, design, interface, everything matters. If anything is lacking, it will diminish the user experience, time, and effort.  

  1. Business Type

Suppose you are a web developer and a client connects approaches you to deliver a responsive website for their business. The first thing you will ask their business is will give a basic understanding of their services/products to promote their business more effectively; they will require a multipage website. Generally, a business website contains atleast 5pages. There’s so much difference between designing a single-page and a multi-page website.

2. Complexity Level

The feature’s complexity level extends the time and effort of the web developer and impacts cost. It all revolves around and is related to the business type. Generally, the business owner says they need a simple website as a business portfolio looks like a digital storefront. The website will showcase the products and services. They need a frontend and a backend, and then they need dashboard accessibility to add and remove the product and services. They forget the difference between a portfolio and a business-responsive website. Including all such features with a dedicated control will extend the budget.  

Furthermore, other things can complex the development and impact the budget are as follows: 

Navigation with some animation element 

  • Business branding 
  • Text and Visual content 
  • Use of third-party plugins and programs

3. Size(Single/ Multipage)

The more pages a website have as much it will take to design a website. The quantity and quality impacts directly cost. To have a clear estimation cost of website development, ask the customer for requirement pages to serve different pages.  

Approach and Consideration to Optimize Webiste Development Costs

Customization and optimization of a dynamic website are different from static websites. Considering all screen sizes, it takes hours and effort to feature everything. If any individual wants an impressive and interactive web design, they just need to extend the budget. 

  • Do they want to consider any specific CMS or dashboard control panel 
  • The theme, template selection, color palette 
  • Will they require content, or have they already 
  • Automation functionality to fetch, show, and delivery

Functionality Features

After confirming the content and pages, we need to optimize the site appearance and interaction to enhance the user experience. Depending on the gathered requirements and needs, we need to take a call on the following things: 

  • Services/Product count on a single page 
  • Does every product and service need a separate page where user can navigate and gather more information it usually happens on the ecommerce website. 
  • Content limit 
  • Media file size/ count 
  • User login/ registration 
  • booking/ scheduling/ downloading/ uploading 
  • cart/ checkout/ payment integration

Selection of TechStack CMS 

You may have heard of MERN/ MEAN, Php development. Businesses are asked to design a custom-coded website resonating with their vision and products/services. For more flexible, rapid, low-code, low-cost development generally, the business asks for Webflow, Wix, WordPress, Django, Flask or other CMS frameworks. 

Web Hosting/ Domain 

Does the business already own the domain and hosting, or are they accessing this service from external sources? Or do they want it from the same web development company service provider? There are many service provider companies providing different kinds of hosting support and domains. Prices vary depending on the type. 


Without proper SEO, ranking a website across the Search engine is harder. What’s the point of investing in website development if it isn’t accessible to users? Thus, a website needs to be SEO-optimized. It will include the cost, but worth it for the business. To avoid any misunderstanding and access the value-added web development SEO support.

Social Media Integration

Nowadays, everyone is on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Integrating the social media functionality can give exposure to businesses. To get this feature on the website, a customer needs to share this requirement with the web developer initially, as they need to integrate some code and free or paid plugins. It will add to the website development costs.

Maintenance Support

Some web development companies offer pre and post-web development maintenance support free of cost, while some ask for additional costs. It all depends on the scope and features of the website. How much time-consuming it is. 

Expected Development Cost to Develop a Website

All technologies serve different functionality features with a decent frontend, backend, and control panel. Depending on the type of business, feature preferences, and theme selection, the cost can vary. It will cost $600-$50000. 

Listing the Cost to Develop a Website 

Type  Total Cost 
Small Business website  $600 to $5,000  
Corporate Website  $7000 to $45,000  
Portfolio Website  $2,000 – $8,070 
Ecommerce Website  3,510 – $24,520 
Database Driven Website  4,210 – $26,020 


To deliver a seamless, user-friendly, satisfying experience, a website should look aesthetically and functionality wise. To estimate website development costs, an in-depth analysis, planning, and understanding of the business requirements and features. Instead of valuing the budget, focus on quality, experience, and mobile responsiveness to drive more traffic and conversion. If you want a custom responsive website from us and want to consult, don’t wait longer!