Cracked teeth are also known as fractured teeth or cracked tooth syndrome. They generally happen when teeth crack. The crack can be of any type, small or large, and harmless. Moreover, a cracked tooth enhances the risk of splitting or breaking your teeth.

Tooth fractures are commonly found in children and old age people. However, anybody can become a victim of a cracked tooth. If you’ve observed any broken teeth in your mouth, consult orthodontics in Houston.


Symptoms of Fractured Tooth

Sometimes, a fractured tooth does not show signs; many people deal with it without noticing. It is worth mentioning that some cracks are not life-threatening and do not require treatment. The following symptoms may require consultation with the top dentist in Houston without any delays.

  • Dealing with pain while eating anything, specifically in chewing or biting.
  • Puffy gums surrounding the affected teeth
  • Sensation with excessive cold or hot items
  • Pain that come and go


What Are the Common Causes of Fractured Teeth?

The causes of fractured teeth are mentioned below:-

  • Tooth crack starts with passing age, ideally 50 or above.
  • Consuming hard foods like candies, icecubes or popcorn kernels.
  • Lifestyle habits such as chewing gum and ice.
  • Dental fillings or a root canal weaken the tooth.
  • Grinding teeth at night
  • Unwanted accidents such as road and cars and injuries while playing sports.


How Dental Professionals Diagnose Cracked Tooth?

When you visit an orthodontist clinic to discuss oral health issues, they’ll enquire you about symptoms you’re going through and possible chances of broken teeth. They also ask if any injury or accident happens to you.

You need to visit a dentist’s clinic for a complete teeth evaluation. You also need to tell them about your dental history and habits, such as grinding, ice chewing, and consuming hard foods.

  • May ask you to bite down on a stick
  • Examine your teeth for crack lines
  • Identify your gums for inflammation, how vertical fractures can irritate your gums
  • Pass a laser light to check for the fracture.
  • Ask you to perform an X-ray of your affected teeth to cross-check for fractures and related issues such as bone loss.
  • Using special tools to find the crack of periodontal probing



How Can Cracked Teeth Be Prevented?

It’s impossible to avoid cracked teeth, but they can be prevented with some practical tips. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Avoid consuming hard food items like candies, icecubes and popcorn kernels.
  • Stop bad habits such as chewing pens or grinding teeth
  • Avoid clenching or grinding teeth.
  • You must use a sports mouthguard while playing sports games or performing physical activities.
  • If an individual has a habit of grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw during sleep hours. They need to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist.


Unwanted accidents and other injuries enhance the risk of breaking teeth. If it is visible to you, contact a dentist immediately. Swelling, pain, and difficulty chewing or biting are red flags of cracked teeth. Taking treatment at the right time protects an individual from further complications, restores your appearance, and improves oral functions. You can improve your teeth appearance through the smile makeover process, but wondering about smile makeover cost, depends on the severity of dental condition, size and location.