Buss down wigs are wigs with a length longer than 26 inches, designed to showcase smooth and polished hair when worn. Here are some styles that work well with buss down wigs:

Half Up Half Down:

This style involves pulling up the top half of the hair and leaving the rest down. It creates a wealthier and girly vibe, showcasing the length and smoothness of the buss down wig. The half up half down style is perfect for creating a gentle and elegant look.


Passion Twist:

Passion twists are achieved by knotting wave extensions around the root and twisting the pieces together until reaching the ends. This technique is repeated to complete the rows and create glamorous looks. The length of buss down wigs adds to the allure of passion twists, resulting in a stunning and eye-catching hairstyle.


Pull Through Braid:

Pull through braids are intricate hairstyles that showcase the length and volume of long hair. They are romantic and glamorous, and when done on buss down human hair wigs, they create a captivating and elegant look. The smooth and polished hair of buss down wigs enhances the beauty of pull through braids.


These styles are just a few examples of how buss down wigs can be styled to highlight their smooth and polished appearance. The versatility of buss down wigs allows for various styling options, enabling wearers to experiment and create their desired looks.