WhatsApp chatbot is one of the highly important factors in WhatsApp Commerce. Chatbots help to answer questions related to your products and services, share content with customers, and send notifications about orders, shipping or payments. Thus, ultimately it leads to driving up your sales.  

A chatbot for WhatsApp is simply an automated software. It is created using Artificial Intelligence (AI) or pre-programmed rules. WhatsApp chatbot endows with a powerful way to engage with your customers. 

WhatsApp Chatbot is used to reach a wide audience, automate routine tasks, and provide better customer support. By using AI and NLP engine, WhatsApp chatbot intelligently interacts with the customers.   

You can easily integrate WhatsApp AI chatbots with WhatsApp Business API to efficiently engage with your customers, students, employees or any other types of users. More importantly, you don’t need human intervention while performing operations of chat bot.  

Let’s dig into why WhatsApp Chatbot is essential, creating WhatsApp Chatbot, and major industries where WhatsApp Chatbot is used.   

Why WhatsApp Chatbot is important for businesses? 

WhatsApp has more than 2.4 billion active users daily and it is extensively used communication channel globally.   

WhatsApp chatbot helps you stay connected with your customers. It can significantly enhance customer interaction and streamline business operations leading to business growth.   

Chatbot for WhatsApp can manage several tasks such as answer FAQs, improve sales, and book appointments. Chatbot provides helpful information and assistance to the customers even after regular business hours. 

Now, let’s explore the significance of WhatsApp chatbot for businesses.  

➤ Enhances Customer Support with Quick Responses 

In recent years, companies have been using WhatsApp marketing to engage with their customers and improve their overall experience. An effective customer support channel addresses customer concerns on the dot. WhatsApp chatbots give instant responses to customer questions at any time of the day. So, users don’t have to wait for a human to reply which results in faster and efficient service. This makes customers valued, which enhances customer satisfaction and CSAT score for your brand. More importantly, it’s the best way to nurture brand loyalty.    

➤ Quick Response for Frequently Asked Questions 

While using a WhatsApp Chatbot for business, you get the benefit of providing consistent answers to common user queries. Businesses can use WhatsApp Chatbot to pick out frequently asked questions. With Chatbot, you can also provide immediate solutions. This not only saves your time but also valuable resources of your business.  

➤ Communication Channel Available 24/7 

Chatbots help customers around the clock, no matter wherever they are around the world. It provides answers and support at any time, be it after business hours or even holidays. It shows your commitment to the customer’s needs. And all these operations are easy with an absolute chatbot flow that’s always active and responsive.  

➤ Manages Many Customers at Once 

A single Chatbot can communicate with many people at the same time. This helps eCommerce businesses because they can handle more customers without making them wait. As WhatsApp chatbots do a lot of work alone, businesses don’t need to hire more staff.  

➤ Boost Engagement to Grow Sales 

Customer engagement is the top-most factor for the success of any e-commerce business. WhatsApp chatbot platforms allow you to enable interactive conversations. This helps nudge potential customers down the sales funnel. By enhancing customers’ experience in this way, you can boost sales.    

Explore different WhatsApp templates for your businesses to engage with customers. WhatsApp templates with pre-defined message help you save time and effort of the customer support team. 

Moving ahead in this blog, we will see how to create Chatbot for WhatsApp.  

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  1. Buy a phone number

For create a WhatsApp chat bot, you need a phone number. It’s good if you get a prepaid number with a local telecom provider. More importantly, even if you have used the WhatsApp Business App on your iPhone/Android in the past, WhatsApp recommends using a new phone number for your WhatsApp Bot.   

Make sure to enable receiving text messages as the phone number gets verified later. 

  1. WhatsApp Business Profile set up

To lend credibility, you need to set up WhatsApp Business Profile. It gives you an opportunity to offer features to improve customer support through WhatsApp.  

So, first, download the WhatsApp Business app and then provide your details. Get your business phone number verified and provide the necessary business information. This is the pre-requisite for WhatsApp Chatbot for business.  

  1. Picking the right chatbot platform

You can create WhatsApp bot in two ways; first one is by coding it yourself and second is by using a no-code chatbot platform. Many businesses prefer a no-code chatbot platform due to its benefits. WebMaxy is one of the renowned and effective platforms to create WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce business.   
No-code chatbot is the perfect choice if you don’t want to make painstaking efforts to code a chatbot. It saves a lot of time which businesses can allocate for other important tasks. It helps in reducing go-to-market time for the brands.   
Get your chatbot up & running with WebMaxy’s advanced sale and marketing tools. We provide ready-to-implement WhatsApp chatbots for all industries, especially eCommerce businesses. With our inherent chatbot design tools, you also get advanced analytics and unmatched support.  

  1. Setup and configure WhatsApp Business account

Once you update the phone number and API key (that you receive from WhatsApp business API provider like WebMaxy) you are ready with your WhatsApp chatbot. You can now also test your WhatsApp AI chatbot.  

  1. Design your chatbot’s flow

By identifying user intent, you can predict user queries. Now, program your WhatsApp Chatbot to answer promptly. Flow builder can be very useful in doing these operations.  
To create personalized and relevant responses, you must have user data. WebMaxy’s WhatsApp Business API interface provides you with the same. Now you can enable automated responses according to individual needs.  

  1. Promote WhatsApp chatbot

You can also integrate WhatsApp bot into your website for free. For this, you can access HTML code and then add it to your website to get WhatsApp chatbot widget.  

To promote your WhatsApp chatbot, you should notify your existing customer base about your new WhatsApp Chatbot. Perform marketing promotions and make it visible on social platforms.   

Alternatively, you can also share WhatsApp QR code and Click-to-chat WhatsApp link.  

Enhancing your WhatsApp Chatbot for better performance  

Once your WhatsApp Chatbot is live, you must optimize and enhance it to make it more relevant. You can check out the following tips to effectively refine and enhance your WhatsApp Chatbot for better business performance.  

➤ Humanizing Chatbot for WhatsApp for more engagement 

To engage users meaningfully, make sure that your chatbot uses friendly language, emojis, and even fun if appropriate. This makes your interactions warmer and feels more like a human.   

➤ Analyze chatbot metrics with WhatsApp Business API 

By gaining insights from WhatsApp Business API, you can analyze response times, user engagement rates, and user satisfaction. This helps measure your chatbot’s performance.  

➤ Continuous learning and improvement using customer feedback 

You must occasionally collect feedback about the user’s experience with your WhatsApp Chatbot. With this you can enhance customer support and get to know about areas of improvement.  

➤ Handle complex queries with human agents 

When there is a possibility that your chatbot is unable to answer a query, you must have a strategy to redirect complex queries to human agents. Don’t leave users frustrated in such cases and use such queries as a learning opportunity.   

➤ Adapt according to user behavior 

By monitoring user’s interaction with your WhatsApp bot, you must predict their evolving requirements. You can test conversation flows, bot responses, or promotional campaigns for the same. For this, you should regularly refine your WhatsApp Chatbot to meet these altering needs and adapt to your customer requirements.  

➤ Maintain Privacy, be transparent, and build trust 

Though your chatbot flow can be human-like, make sure to maintain transparency about its automated nature. Implement the security features of Chatbot platforms and ensure your users about any personal data collected is stored securely and used ethically.  

How WhatsApp Chatbot is used in different industries? 

Being a sociable digital assistant, WhatsApp chatbot is transforming businesses across many sectors. These mainly include e-commerce, healthcare, banking and finance, hospitality, education, and many more.   

Be it about booking doctor’s appointment, booking a hotel room, or tracking online purchase, these handy tools do a great job. Thus, using WhatsApp chatbot; an integral aspect in WhatsApp Automation is very beneficial for many industries. 

So, let’s dive into the use of chatbot for WhatsApp in several industries.  

  • e-commerce 
  • Healthcare 
  • Banking and finance 
  1. e-Commerce industry


In eCommerce industry, WhatsApp chatbot is used for various purposes. The first important thing is about fulfilling the inquiry about products to help shoppers make better choices. Chatbot helps to provide detailed product descriptions and reviews to the users with which they can learn more about a particular product. 
WhatsApp chatbot also gives customized product recommendations based on their preferences and browsing history. It enhances their personalized shopping experience.   

WhatsApp chatbot aids in real-time order tracking and giving updates to customers about their purchases. Thus, it enhances customer support through the WhatsApp Business API.  
Besides, chatbot effectively deals with the returns, exchanges, and customer feedback which are integral components for e-commerce businesses. By providing instant solutions in these areas, WhatsApp chatbot not only helps businesses incessantly improve but also keeps customer satisfaction at the front line.  

Many times, customers have several queries ranging from payment methods to shipping policies. WhatsApp chatbot provides automated responses for frequently asked questions (FAQs). It endows with the perfect, seamless and hassle-free shopping experience for the users.  

A well-designed chatbot flow engages users efficiently which aids businesses in informing their customers about new arrivals, discounts, and exclusive offers thereby increasing sales opportunities.  

  1. Healthcare sector


By using WhatsApp Chatbot for business, it gets easy to automate appointments and bookings at the clinics and hospitals. It streamlines the process for patients and healthcare providers. With the timely reminders, chatbot helps reduce no-show rates and encourage punctuality.  

Chatbot can be designed to send out relevant health tips to patients. Likewise, diet suggestions and tips for exercise routines can also be included. Users also love the timely reminders about medication that ensure constancy to prescriptions.  

We can also program WhatsApp chatbot that is empathetic, responsive, and consistent. This helps create a sense where patients feel valued and heard. Moreover, with the automated responses for frequently asked questions, patients receive quick and reliable answers.  

At WebMaxy, the security features of our WhatsApp Chatbot platforms ensure that patient information is kept securely, ethically in compliance with all the regulations.  

  1. Banking and Finance


WhatsApp chatbot for banking is useful for customers for instantly checking account balances or receiving transaction alerts while staying informed. WhatsApp business chatbot also prompts automated responses for FAQs regarding interest rates, account features or loan processes. It ensures clarity and improves confidence in financial decisions.  

Chatbot shares tailored financial tips, related news, and updates on banking services, depending on individual’s banking profile.   

By implementing robust security features, WebMaxy’s WhatsApp chatbot ensures encrypted communication, safe and secure data handling in compliance with banking regulations. You can email us at; [email protected] to know more about our WhatsApp services.  

Our chatbot flow simplifies onboarding new customers or accessing various banking services. Thus, WhatsApp chat bot gives a smoother and hassle-free experience for all banking activities.  

Many popular brands are successfully employing WhatsApp chatbot for growing their business multifold. Unilever, Larsen & Toubro (L&T), JioMart, Eureka Forbes, Oyo, Upstox, Plum, and Plantix are a few to be mentioned.  

To Wind Up 

As WhatsApp continues dominating messaging channels, businesses should not ignore this platform. WhatsApp Chatbot is an ultimate solution for associating brands with their audiences.  

To adapt to this continuously unfolding digital landscape, WhatsApp Chatbot is undoubtedly a crucial tool. Businesses can leverage the power of WhatsApp eCommerce and AI to build genuine and enduring connections with their audience with such chatbot.   

So, are you excited to dive into the future of coherent communication and superior customer satisfaction? Do mention in the comments below!  

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Chatbot for WhatsApp FAQs 

What is WhatsApp Chatbot? 

WhatsApp chatbot is an automated software. To build this software, Artificial Intelligence (AI) or pre-programmed rules are employed. WhatsApp chatbot for business is very effective in engaging customers on WhatsApp. With the predefined responses, chat bot can interact with users and answer their queries instantly.   


How to create WhatsApp Chatbot? 


To create WhatsApp chatbot, you must have a registered WhatsApp business phone number and an official WhatsApp Business API. WebMaxy helps you get the same. You can also make a WhatsApp chatbot for free with tools but there will be some limits in free versions. So, rather than going for WhatsApp chatbot for free, go for a reliable WhatsApp business API provider like WebMaxy.      


How to integrate Chatbot with WhatsApp? 


If you choose a no code chatbot platform like WebMaxy, then you can easily integrate chatbot on WhatsApp. Fo this, you need to enter a WhatsApp business phone number and API key to get started. Then you can get chatbot designed as per your business requirements.