March 6, 2024. Crown Royal has debuted the much-anticipated new summer edition ‘Crown Royal Blackberry’ As a whiskey connoisseur, you may know about the ‘Crown Royal’- a well-known Canadian whiskey brand. Crown Royal was first introduced in 1939 by Samuel Bronfman, the founder of Seagram. It was initially created as a special blend for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth during their royal visit to Canada. With each passing decade, Crown Royal has reinvented its brand, resonating with their target audience.

Samuel Bronfman in 1970s


That’s enough information on Crown Royal’s history. Now, let’s turn our attention to the main topic of this blog post: Crown Royal Blackberry.

In November 2023, Crown Royal gave hints about something exciting coming in early 2024. In the second week of January, rumors started circulating in the liquor industry about the debut of a new summer edition in March. At last, BNN Breaking’s dedicated news article further confirmed these rumors.

The ‘Almost Sold Out’ Preorders for ‘Crown Royal Blackberry’! 

In February 2024, Crown Royal allowed the pre-order of the new expression, ‘Crown Royal Blackberry.’ Within a few days, the preorders almost sold out, certifying the immense excitement about tasting this expression.

Well, the excitement of whiskey connoisseurs is justiciable, as Crown Royal’s last expression, ‘A 30-Year-Old Whiskey,’ was served so hard that people went crazy over it.

‘Crown Royal Blackberry’ has Officially Entered in the Market

With the start of March, Crown Royal has officially debuted their new expression with limited stocks. The brand has said it will make the availability of ‘Crown Royal Blackberry’ easy in the market in the upcoming weeks. Whiskey connoisseurs who have tasted this expression so far have given positive reviews, saying,

“Crown Royal Blackberry is the perfect combination of ultimate Canadian whiskey craftsmanship & the smooth sweetness of succulent blackberries.”

How the Vision of ‘Crown Royal Blackberry’ Become a Reality? 

According to insider reports, the making of Crown Royal Blackberry whiskey took two years. To create this majestic whiskey, the Crown Royal team went a little traditional. The master blenders infused the juicy flavors of fresh blackberries with traditional Canadian whiskey blending. On top of that, the harmonious and signature flavors of vanilla and caramel scream summer all around.

Let’s take a look at some essential information.

ABV: 35%

Nose: Kind of Sweet Blackberry Sauce

Palate: A Balanced Vanilla with Slightly Tart or Cooked Blackberries

Finish: Slightly Similar to Blackberry Crumble with Hints of Creamy Vanilla & Caramel

In short, ‘Crown Royal Blackberry’ is like a classic Wes Anderson type of movie where everything represents the summer.

Expert Review of ‘Crown Royal Blackberry’! 

A crazy Whiskey connoisseur named Bill at our team pre-ordered ‘Crown Royal Blackberry.’ Bill shared some valuable information and reviewed Crown Royal’s highly anticipated expression.


By seeing the packaging of this bottle, one can easily say that this whiskey is for summer. The packaging has a purple color, resonating with blackberries with perfectly contrasted text.

Upon opening the box, you can see a nice small bag. Lowkey, the quality of this bag was unexpected. The bag was made with durable & high-quality material.

Finally, the main thing comes – the Crown Royal Blackberry Bottle.


Upon pouring the whiskey into a glass, it gave a strong blackberry sauce-type smell, which was kind of interesting & com.


The moment Bill took a sip of this expression in his mouth, all he could say was, ‘It’s reminiscent of something.’


A Cup of Syrup! 

Yes, you heard it right- A Cup Syrup.

The much-anticipated expression of Crown Royal has some sort of medicinal taste.

Since Bill is an expert at tasting different kinds of whiskeys, he gave this whiskey one more try. But this time, he considered mixtures.

Bill mixed Crown Royal Blueberry with Lemonade. And, Man! It tasted so good.

On the box, Crown Royal suggested drinking this expression with Apple juice as a mixer. Bill obeyed Crown Royal’s recommendation and tried it with Apple juice. Within a few minutes, the complaints turned into appreciation. Apple juice somehow brought the true essence of blackberry to the center stage.

Packaging of Crown Royal Blueberry in Sequence


Packaging of Crown Royal Blueberry in Sequence


Where to Buy ‘Crown Royal Blueberry Whiskey’ in the US? 

The bottles of Crown Royal Blueberry are limited on the market. Many third-party retailers have already gone out of stock. However, many hard-core whiskey connoisseurs have already tasted it (Thanks to pre-order availability). You can check on the official website of Crown Royal to get more information. Earlier, the team of Crown Royal officially said, ‘They will soon debut bottles of Crown Royal Blueberry.’

Stay Calm! Crown Royal Blueberry Will Soon be in Your Hand

It’s been many weeks since any significant brand debuted its new expression. Therefore, the liquor industry is really hyping up the release of the Crown Royal Blueberry. Yes, there is limited stock available on this whiskey, but you all should remain calm as the Crown Royal has promised the availability of a new expression soon. Moreover, stay tuned with third-party retailers to buy high-quality original expressions before the expected time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q-1. When will the new stock of Crown Royal Blueberry come out? 

Ans: As of now, there’s no confirmation, but Crown Royal plans to release the next stock of Crown Royal Blueberry in mid-April.

Q-2. Where can you buy the latest Crown Royal Blueberry Whiskey? 

Ans: Check Crown Royal’s official website to stay updated about the latest expressions. Also, contact third-party retailers in Canada and the US for its availability.