Who doesn’t love the CZ P-10C? It’s like a Glock 19 in more ways than one, but cheaper.

Forget the all-black aesthetic, reinforced polymer construction, and general footprint. This thing is chambered in 9mm Luger, holds 15+1, and features a trigger that produces minimal creep and stacking.

It’s everyman’s striker-fired Glock lookalike that costs a lot less and offers the same (pretty much) performance.

But could the P-10C be a better handgun?

Sure, with these upgrades.

1. CZ Magwells
A CZ magwell will expand the base of the magazine chute, serving as a funnel that guides the mag up into the gun for faster, smoother charges.

Why does this matter? Well, whether you’re reloading in competition or in real-life, faster mag drops and charges count.

They literally count in competition, especially if you are scored based on time. In real life, well, we don’t need to expand on that.

Plus, you can get high-quality CZ magwells that install via a single screw, do not require any modifications, and which will not damage the frame.

They eliminate fumbling between reloads, too, and they can vastly improve your shooting experience, your handling proficiency, and your overall confidence.

2. CZ Compensators
This is arguably the most important CZ upgrade in this article. If you’re not familiar with compensators, they are muzzle mounted devices akin to the muzzle brakes of rifles.

If you’re not familiar with muzzle brakes, these devices alter the manner or configuration in which gasses are vented at the muzzle, sharply reducing recoil. Compensators do the same.

In the case of the CZ compensators available online at Anarchy Outdoors, they can slash felt recoil by as much as 50% without adversely affecting shot power whatsoever.

In fact, they post gasses upwards, which actively presses the muzzle down, so you can keep muzzle flip under control, too, keeping your sights on target, and enabling faster follow-up shots.

Most importantly, they are made from durable aluminum and are easy to install – you don’t need to be a gunsmith to do it, either.

3. A WML
This is not a CZ P-10C part, but it is definitely an upgrade. Moreover, the P-10C has a section of rail under the barrel that makes it a snap to mount most weapon-mounted lights, like those produced by Streamlight.

You know what they say – what you can’t see can still kill you. It’s better to be prepared with a WML and it won’t affect handling of the P-10C. Keep the batteries fresh or charged so you’re ready if and when you need it.

Where Can You Get These CZ P-10C Accessories?
All of the CZ P-10C upgrades listed here are readily available online at Anarchy Outdoors. They carry a wide range of other accessories, too, such as red dot sights, holsters, base plates, slide plates, weapon-mounted light, and more.

For more information on their CZ-P10C parts, accessories, and upgrades, visit their website or get in touch with them directly at 833-980-0333.

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