Games to play at bachelor party: Planning the perfect bachelor party involves a mix of good company, great activities, and memorable locations. Here’s a guide for the day and outdoor events that will ensure the groom-to-be has an incredible time with friends.

Pool/Lake Hangout


  • Find a Spot: Search for Airbnb rentals with pools or lakes nearby.
  • Stay Entertained: Bring along board games, gaming consoles, poker sets, and cigars.
  • Stay Safe: Keep lots of floaters and ensure everyone is safe, particularly around water.

Fishing Trip

  • Pick the Perfect Spot: Look for the best local fishing locations for day trips or overnights.
  • Hassle-Free Planning: Consider utilizing tour companies for full-package experiences.

Hiking Adventure

  • Trail Selection: Choose a scenic and challenging hiking trail.
  • Post-Hike Plans: Arrange a delicious meal to enjoy after conquering the hike.

Golf Outing

  • Find a Course: Locate golf courses in your city that offer group rates.
  • Extra Fun: Plan for some cocktails after a round to discuss the highlights.

Axe Throwing Competition

  • Research Venues: Find the nearest axe throwing location.
  • Food & Drinks: Check if the venue offers catering or has a food menu suitable for your group.

Shooting Range Day

  • Group Deals: Negotiate a group rate for an action-packed day.
  • Create Memories: Share this exhilarating experience with the groomsmen.

Paintball Challenge

  • Team Up: Divide into teams for a friendly competition.
  • Raise the Stakes: Losers can cover the dinner and drinks tab.

Laser Tag Fun

  • Bruise-Free: Opt for laser tag over paintball to avoid any pre-wedding injuries.
  • Competitive Edge: Make wagers to keep the game interesting.

Go-Kart Racing

  • Need for Speed: Enjoy the thrill of racing with your friends.
  • Dine After: Plan a meal after the races to refuel for the evening.

Escape Room Challenge

  • Teamwork: Collaborate to solve puzzles and escape the room.
  • Celebrate: Cap off the escape with drinks, dinner, or a visit to a cigar bar.

Museum Tour

  • Cultural Experience: Choose a central museum and spend a relaxed afternoon exploring.

Bowling Night

  • Affordable Fun: Rent shoes and lanes at a local alley.
  • Custom Tees: Consider making custom t-shirts for the party.

Scavenger Hunt

Team Effort: Embark on a hunt that emphasizes friendship and collaboration.

  • Celebrate Together: Finish with a nice meal and drinks.

Local Sports Game

  • Pick a Sport: Attend a game of the groom’s favourite sport.
  • Personalize It: Wear jerseys mentioning the groom’s big day.