• Why study Law?

The advancement of science and technology has brought about significant changes in various aspects of human existence. These discoveries have become integral components of modern civilization, playing a crucial role in improving communication, transforming healthcare, and redefining economies. The advent of automation and artificial intelligence has brought about a profound transformation in various industries, by simplifying procedures and opening up novel prospects. Nevertheless, this advancement has also brought in challenges such as ethical dilemmas, privacy issues, and the requirement for responsible governance. It is in this scenario that law plays a pivotal role in shaping and regulating different aspects of human lives and society as a whole. Law influences everything that involves personal, social, economic, and political affairs. With the advent of globalization, the interactions among the various legal systems of the world have gone up significantly in the last few years. This has given rise to emerging areas in law demanding more expertise from a law professional than what was expected from a very traditional approach to the study of law. 

The scenario of legal education is becoming more and more specialized as was envisioned by the well-wishers of the legal profession. Achieving sustainability requires a conscious community well equipped to deal with complex, interacting and ever-changing realities as well as uncertain futures. Enabling a sustainable career in legal education is the need of the hour, and the same must be duly addressed by every institute imparting legal education today. 

  1. Why Law at NCU?

Established in 2010, School of Law, The NorthCap University, Gurugram has been able to find a place among the premier institutions of legal education in Northern India. With an objective of providing students with ample scope of clinical legal education and assisting them in facing the new challenges and dimensions of the legal profession, School of Law has shown an all-round progress and proved its credentials to be a force to be reckoned with in the field of legal education in the country. It is worth mentioning that School of Law has achieved a significant distinction in the latest CSR Law Schools Survey 2023, being recognised as a ‘Top Eminent Law School’ in India. This achievement marks a remarkable milestone in its journey towards redefining legal education. As a testament to its excellence, the school has been ranked No. 1 Law School in the State of Haryana by the Global Human Resource Development Centre (GHRDC), New Delhi and has also received the Gold Badge by QS I-GAUGE.

School of Law at NCU facilitates legal study as an intellectual discipline, which involves creating an analytical mind, a logical thought process and drafting skills. The Law School grooms its young budding lawyers for a wide range of professions, including social science, business and commerce, civil services and international relations etc. apart from hard core legal professions. 

The curriculum has been revised regularly to respond to the demand for new skills and challenges facing law and legal education in the emerging global scenario. There has always been an effort to strengthen the core curriculum to ensure a strong all-round education for the students. School of Law has the great advantage of being located in a university along with the School of Engineering and Technology and School of Management. This enables Law School to offer inter-disciplinary law and policy courses such as law, cyber security, and cyber forensics; law, economy, commerce and management etc. to equip themselves with a holistic approach to the challenges at the global and national levels. 

  1. USPs of School of Law

Amid significant growth in legal education across India, the NCU Law School, as a stakeholder, has already established itself as one of the preferred destinations of learning law not only within Delhi/NCR, but also in the rest of the country. The diverse community of students at Law School representing different parts of the country signifies the same. In its more than one decade of presence as one of the premier law schools, it has imbibed some of the best practices, which may be summarised below:

    1. Designing of Law School Curriculum to keep students industry ready: The entire course structure is in strict compliance with the requirement of Bar Council of India. The curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated to keep pace with the fast-changing technology and skills, ensuring international competitiveness. 
    2. Interdisciplinary approach in Law: The Integrated Programme provides the students with an exposure to a wide range of courses having a combination of law, management and technology, which enhances their employability skills in the present scenario. 
    3. Learning management system: NCU holds the platform of a learning management system whereby students are provided with resources and assignments in addition to classroom activities. 
    4. A vibrant Mooting Culture: Apart from maintaining a strong internal mooting structure, the Moot Court Society at NCU hosting annually, the NCU Law School National Moot Court Competition.  Such activities culminate in honing the advocacy skills of young learners.
    5. Hands on training on Client Consultation: Law School has imbibed an enriched culture of holding national client consultation competitions annually.
    6. Communication and Leadership Skills: In association with a dedicated Centre for Language Learning, the law students get a unique exposure to hone their communication and leadership skills through a series of training programmes, workshops etc. apart from courses on Effective Communication. 
  • Pro- Active Legal aid services in association with District Legal Services Authority

    1. Structured Internship Programme & Placement– NCU Facilitates internship right from working in the grass root level through NGOs to law Firms, Courts and Tribunals. With a dedicated school of professional attachment in place, the students have made their presence in reputed law firms, public sector undertakings, litigation, international organizations etc. apart from being selected in reputed academic institutions across the world for pursuing higher studies.  
  • Personalised Grooming with Mentor and Mentee Schemes

    1. Fee concessions, scholarships and other recognitions – NCU offers Fee-Concession and Scholarships to all meritorious students every year as well as students on Merit-cum-Means basis.
    2. Sophisticated infrastructure facilities – with well-equipped classrooms, sports and other infrastructural resources for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.  
  • Integrating Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the holistic growth of a student.

Prof. (Dr.) Archana Sarma

LL.B (GU, Assam), LL.M., M.Phil. (NLSIU, Bengaluru) & Ph.D. (NLU Delhi)

Professor & Head,

School of Law, The NorthCap University, Sector 23A, Gurugram