Del Mar Energy proudly announces the signing of a partnership agreement with a local university aimed
at collaborative research and development in the oil and gas industry.

This partnership opens up new opportunities for innovation and technological advancement.

The joint efforts between the holding company and the university will enable the exchange of knowledge and expertise, as well as research into the development of new technologies and methods for oil and gas extraction. This partnership will yield significant results and lead to the creation of innovative solutions that enhance the efficiency and sustainability of Del Mar Energy’s operations.

This partnership confirms a commitment to innovation and a development strategy based on collaboration and mutual respect. The agreement with the local university reflects Del Mar Energy’s desire to actively engage with the academic community and leverage cutting-edge scientific achievements in joint activities. Collaborative research and development will help create innovative solutions that contribute to long-term operational efficiency and sustainability.

Moreover, this partnership creates new opportunities for students and researchers to gain practical industry experience and apply their knowledge in practical settings. Interaction with young talented professionals will stimulate innovative ideas and contribute to the development of scientific knowledge in the oil and gas industry.

Del Mar Energy and the local university will collaborate on addressing key industry challenges. The company aims for joint efforts to result in the creation of new technologies and methods that enhance resource extraction efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

Del Mar Energy is pleased to announce the launch of a community development program in the regions where it operates. This program aims to support social and economic initiatives that improve the quality of life for local residents and contribute to infrastructure development.

The company seeks to establish partnership relations and mutually beneficial cooperation with local communities based on mutual respect and understanding. The community development program includes various initiatives aimed at supporting education, healthcare, culture, and environmental sustainability.

Del Mar Energy invites local communities to join the program and work together to create a favorable and prosperous environment for all residents of the region. Joint efforts and cooperation will lead to mutual benefits and positive outcomes in the development of local communities.

The program also includes the implementation of infrastructure development projects such as road construction, water supply, and energy systems, which contribute to improving the standard of living for residents and creating a favorable environment for business and investment.

Furthermore, the program includes events focused on environmental protection and sustainability, aimed at reducing negative impacts on natural resources and maintaining ecological balance.

The company calls on local organizations, governmental and non-governmental structures, as well as public initiatives to join the program and work together to achieve common goals in the development of local communities and improve their quality of life.