Achieved a milestone at the workplace? Treat yourself by ordering a dessert. Or have you had a terrible client meeting at work? This is even more of a reason to treat yourself with a dessert. Desserts add a touch of sweetness to your good times, making them even more special and memorable while helping you get through sulking during low times.

When you think of desserts, a large cake might be the first thing that comes to mind. While cakes are undoubtedly a delicious option, they may not always be the most practical choice. They can be heavy on the stomach, and the wallet, and also eating an entire cake alone is not the healthiest option. Does this mean you have to skip having desserts? Not really.

There are several delicious desserts that are suitable for quick munching. Here is a list, from cupcakes to tarts:


Brownies have become the most popular dessert option, especially among those who prefer non-creamy desserts. Leading bakeries have curated an exclusive brownie offering that is to die for. They use the finest ingredients to bake the most fudgy brownies in the world. There are so many options, from the classic choco-chip brownie to new options like cookie and caramel brownies.

You can enjoy them at room temperature or microwave them for a minute to enjoy them hot. Consider clubbing the brownie with a cup of hot chocolate, the combo promises a delightful indulgence experience.


Pastry is an all-time favourite dessert option for many. You should also consider trying it if you wish to enjoy your favourite cake flavour in a smaller portion. You can either buy single pieces or opt for a box of assorted pastries. The second option is typically very viable if you are looking for a dessert gifting option within a budget.

Chocolate mousse or tiramisu cups

Craving for a creamy dessert? Check out the chocolate mousse cup. A fairly decent-sized cup is loaded with rich dark chocolate mousse and whipped cream. Take the first bite, and you won’t realise when you have finished up the entire cup. Are you not much of a chocolate fan? There is something in the store for you, too. Try out the Tiramisu cup.

The cup is loaded with mascarpone custard, whipped cream, rum flavour, and a coffee-soaked sponge. It has a balanced bitter-sweet taste. We are sure we would love indulging in it.


Cupcakes are mini-heaven treats. They have the right proportion of cake sponge, cream, and icing. They are available in so many different flavours. You can buy single pieces or a pack of four cupcakes. Consider buying a pack of four cupcakes, as we are sure you would want more right from the first bite.


Tarts are a crunchy and creamy dessert that you should try. They are available in two fantastic flavours: chocolate and lemon.

All desserts are available in egg and eggless options. To buy them, visit the nearest bakery outlet or download their mobile application.