In Diablo 4, delving into the mechanics of damage is crucial for maximizing your character’s effectiveness. While it may be tempting to simply equip items with green numbers, seasoned players know the importance of paying attention to the affixes on their gear to synergize with their desired build.

Thorns damage, often overlooked in Diablo 4’s straightforward damage calculation system, presents an alternative avenue for dealing damage. Despite not being prominently displayed in Diablo 4 Unique Items¬†comparison windows or character screens, Thorns is a potent stat if utilized correctly.

Updated on March 26, 2024 by Marc Santos: With the influx of new adventurers exploring Sanctuary through the Xbox Game Pass, this guide has been revised to assist these fresh faces in navigating the game’s intricate systems. Additional details have been included to elucidate how Thorns scales with a player’s attributes, accompanied by a comprehensive list of class-specific skills that augment Thorns damage for those interested in focusing on damage reflection builds.

Thorns Damage in Diablo 4

Thorns damage, also known as damage reflection or retaliation damage in other RPGs, operates uniquely in Diablo 4. When a player is struck by a monster, the total Thorns damage they possess, as displayed in the detailed information screen, is inflicted upon the attacker. This damage is then amplified by any relevant damage modifiers available to the player.

For instance, if a character boasts 100 Thorns and enjoys a 50% damage bonus against nearby foes, any enemy landing a successful hit will suffer 150 damage. Notably, Thorns damage remains unaffected by random damage fluctuations, consistently relying on the player’s Thorns stat multiplied by applicable damage modifiers. This reliability makes it an ideal tool for understanding how various damage multipliers function.

Thorns damage synergizes with modifiers such as Vulnerable and scales in tandem with the player’s primary attribute. For clarity, here’s a quick reference:

Barbarian: Strength

Rogue: Dexterity

Druid: Willpower

Sorcerer: Intelligence

Necromancer: Intelligence

Acquiring Thorns Damage

Thorns damage is primarily acquired through gear affixes. Players can typically find Thorns bonuses on chest armor, amulets, and pants. Additionally, shields may also provide Thorns, although not all classes can wield them in their off-hand slots.

Razorplate, a unique chest armor, specializes in providing a substantial boost to Thorns damage. Players can obtain upwards of 11,000 Thorns from this item alone, albeit at the expense of reduced survivability due to its lack of damage reduction or life bonuses.

Certain classes possess skills that passively increase Thorns damage. For example, Barbarians can fully commit to a Thorns-centric build with skills like Challenging Shout, complemented by passives such as Outburst and Tough As Nails. Necromancers can also capitalize on Thorns damage by utilizing the Spiked Armor passive and casting the Iron Maiden curse, combined with specific gear to enhance their minions’ Thorns damage inheritance.

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