Linear actuators are essential components in a wide range of industries, providing precise linear motion for various applications. From manufacturing and robotics to healthcare and aerospace, linear actuators play a crucial role in automation and motion control systems.

Electric Linear Actuators 

Electric linear actuators are one of the most commonly used types, offering precise control and versatility. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, from simple adjustments to complex motion sequences. JIECANG offers a diverse range of electric linear actuators, including ball screw, belt drive, and lead screw options, ensuring compatibility with different requirements and budgets.

Hydraulic Linear Actuators

Hydraulic linear actuators utilize hydraulic pressure to generate linear motion, making them suitable for high-force applications. While they offer high power density and robustness, they can be more complex and require additional maintenance. JIECANG does not currently offer hydraulic linear actuators.

Pneumatic Linear Actuators

Pneumatic linear actuators utilize compressed air to produce linear motion, offering fast response times and high-speed operation. They are commonly used in applications where precise control is not required, such as in industrial automation and material handling. JIECANG does not currently offer pneumatic linear actuators.

Piezoelectric Linear Actuators

Piezoelectric linear actuators use the piezoelectric effect to produce linear motion, offering nanometer-scale precision and rapid response times. They are commonly used in precision positioning applications, such as in microscopy and semiconductor manufacturing. JIECANG does not currently offer piezoelectric linear actuators.

JIECANG Linear Actuator Products

JIECANG is a trusted manufacturer of electric linear actuators, offering a wide range of products designed for reliability, performance, and versatility. With customizable options and advanced features, JIECANG linear actuators are suitable for various applications, including industrial automation, ergonomic furniture, and healthcare equipment.


In conclusion, understanding the different types of linear actuators is essential for selecting the right solution for specific application needs. Whether it’s electric linear actuators for precise control or hydraulic linear actuators for high-force applications, JIECANG offers a comprehensive range of products to meet diverse requirements. With a reputation for quality, reliability, and performance, JIECANG is a top choice for linear actuator solutions across industries. Explore JIECANG’s range of products today and discover the perfect solution for your automation needs.

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