After making your flight booking with United Airlines, if you want to add on any of the services with your flight ticket, then you can communicate with the Airline agent and get started with the procedure. You can connect with the live person by ringing a call to the airline’s customer support, else you can also choose the alternative ways to get support from the Airline’s agent.

Method 1.

Speak to the United Airlines agent through a phone call.

To discuss your issues with a live person, call the United Airlines phone number to get an instant and reasonable solution to your query. Process further with the steps that are located below to get assistance.

  • Dial the United Airlines customer care helpline number 1 (800) 864-8331.
  • Choose your selective language and the appropriate IVR option.
  • The agnet from United will get on the call to resolve your issues.
  • Provide the person with your concerns and get a quick response.

Method 2.

Chat with the United Airlines virtual agent.

After failing to get a response from the United agent through a phone call, you can head to the live chat mode. You can mention all your concerns in the provided space, Look at the below points to proceed.

  • Navigate to the United Airlines official web page.
  • Head to the “Help Center” page and choose the chat option
  • Send a message to the agent regarding your queries.
  • The agent will instantly respond to you with the solution.

Method 3.

Send a mail to the United Airlines live person.

Confront your queries to the United Airlines live person and send them through the mail. You can mention all your information and the issue you are having with the airline services in a mail and send it to the United Airlines agent. The person will respond through your requested mode.

  • United Airlines mailing address – “P.O. Box 4607, Dept. NHCRF, Houston TX 77253-3046.”

Method 4.

Get help from the agent by sending a text.

You can text the United Airlines live person where you can request the agent to help you with your concerns by texting “HELP” and sending it to 26266. The person from the Airline will shortly connect with you to provide you with assistance for your queries.

After going through the above information, you must be aware of the “How do I Speak to a Live Person at United Airlines?” for any doubt, visit the airline’s official website.