It’s a quest to find the right bra fit and we understand it! Innovative wireless bras in every size and style make bra shopping so much more fun and easy. Wireless bras make it easier to choose enhanced comfort, silhouette and confidence. 

Best Bras Tailored to Petite Frames

If you’ve got a slender figure and a petite bust, BRABAR caters to pint-sized proportions with a stylish range of bras with band widths down to 28. You can now choose wirefree soft cups or plunging styles in sizes that fit you just right! BRABAR’s expert measuring guides and professional fitting assistance help you discover the perfect fit for everything from training bras to lightly lined selections ideal for smaller busts.

Flattering Support for Full Busted Beauties  

BRABAR also celebrates big busted girls! Fall in love with your shape with expertly crafted bras boasting wide straps, extra side coverage and minimized bounce control. They’ve also got plunge styles that offer convertible and multiway options to wear under flirty dresses. You don’t have to worry about not finding your size when you can find a DD+ size at BRABAR, with the perfect wireless bra for an uplifted silhouette.

Posture & Pain Free Perfection

Insufficient support can induce bad posture. That’s because your bra band supports your breast weight and a badly fitted bra can mean a dysfunctional band. It can also mean that the weight of lifting your breasts shifts from the band onto your straps causing neck and shoulder pain and poor posture. Ensuring you’ve measured yourself right can help and then all you need to do is find bras that make a perfect match to your size. Wide band bras without the underwires evenly distribute weight across the shoulders instead of straining the neck, back and spine. 

Finding Your Ideal Bra Style

BRABAR comes in a variety of styles with distinctive frames suiting personal style preferences and body types. The options are endless from everyday essentials to chic lace intimates. 

Everyday T-Shirt Bras

Seamless wirefree t-shirt bras with smooth cups help with contouring under T-shirts making them the ideal travel companion for globe-trotting adventures. They come with removable pads and convertible straps, so you can effortlessly transition from weekday wear to weekend leisure.

Flirty Bralettes & Cropped Styles

Bralettes make a perfect pair for low cut looks. You can show off your flirty style with cross-back styles and cheeky lace trims. Bralettes support and provide great coverage for petite sizes and should be on your bra staples list. 

Ultra Comfort With Cami Bras

The versatile cami bra functions as a bra, tank and camisole all-in-one making it a multifunctional must-have. Cami bras function as bras and tops all at once. Fabric design slims the midsection with options like adjustable straps, removable pads and convenient front closures tailoring the look to every unique figure. 

Halter Bras Add Alluring Edge

Give your silhouette a scintillating makeover by rocking a halter bra for an instant neckline upgrade. Drawing the eye upwards, halter bras work well under a host of looks including low neck dresses, T-shirts and sweetheart looks. The strap style ensures that you won’t have straps slip off mid-soiree. 

Sultry Strapless Support  

Strapless bras utilize fabric design to ensure support, life and comfort and the perfect styling under off-the-shoulder styles and wedding wear. Take the plunge sans spillage worries.

Shop Online for Infinite Variety  

Enjoy the perks of online bra shop access to a distinctive, stylish brassiere wardrobe. You can now choose between t-shirt bras, cami styles, multiways, halter neck bras, racerbacks and every cutting-edge bra innovation imaginable. What’s more, ensure you get a perfect fit with a wide range of styles catering to your specific fit. 

Make sure to utilize the advanced fit guides and measuring technology to find a bra worthy of you. Product guides and images are here to guide you through wireless bra comfort and all-day support. 

Tips for Finding Best Fit Bra Matches

The comfort and support for your breasts boils down to getting your measurement pat right. Let’s get into it, so you can embark on a smooth bra journey!

Accurate Measuring

Say ‘abracadabra’, to find the door to bra nirvana. We’re kidding! All you need to do is follow a good fit guide, using a soft tape. Don’t measure your fit too tight or too loose.  Round to the nearest whole number recording both over and underbust measurements. 

Band Test

90% of bra support comes from secure bands circling the ribcage. A good band will always remain firmly in place. If they’re too loose, it’s too bad and if they’re tight, they need to go!

Center Support

The bra’s center front between the cups provides indispensable support. Ideally bands here rest flat against your sternum without uncomfortable poking.  

Strap Check 

Make sure the straps don’t dig in or slip off. Well-fitted straps stay put without digging into shoulders which can exacerbate poor posture.

The Scoop 

Encapsulation is everything! A good bra fully encapsulates your breasts without spillage or bulging. Lean forward allowing breast tissue to fall naturally forward checking for gaps revealing too small cups.  

Feeling Your Best Self 

The quest for cute, supportive bras is a journey of self-love towards confidence and comfort. Taking a few moments to accurately measure your frame then browse online stores filled with options creates a priceless opportunity to feel positively radiant about your body. With designer selections catering to pint-sized to voluptuous vixens, every woman deserves to indulge in quality bras crafted to enhance her distinctive silhouette. Discover wire-free support designed to empower your highest self.