The role of the tyre sidewall is very crucial if we talk about the strength and performance of car tyres. the strength of a tyre depends on a strong sidewall. Therefore, your tyres feel helpless after the occurrence of mechanical faults on the sidewall.

According to experts, most faults that occur on the Churchill Tyres Bedford sidewall are not repairable. It means a car owner has to change their tyre after observing sidewall faults.

In this blog, we will talk about common sidewall faults that damage the sidewall permanently.


Hard and sharp objects may cause scratches on the tyre sidewall. One or two minor scratches should not increase the level of testosterone but a lot of large scratches want immediate attention. You have to visit a service station to check your tyres that have scratches on the sidewall. Only a professional may check your tyres to reach the root cause of the problem.


A lot of sharp objects are present on roads to cut the sidewall of your tyres. iron blades, broken parts of vehicles, kerbs, and hard edges of different objects are enough to damage the tyre’s sidewall.

There may be different sizes of cuts on the tyre sidewall. Moreover, the depth of cuts can be different as well.

Surely, wide and deep cuts are not favourable for the health and strength of your tyre sidewall.

Too deep cuts may damage the carcass ply. As a result, your tyres will run on roads with a serious risk of sudden loss of air pressure.

If cuts in the tyre sidewall are not too deep, you can drive on the same tyre for a couple of months but you have to keep an eye on the problem constantly.

Cuts in tyres may take place in the outer sidewall and inner sidewall. Therefore, it is not possible to detect the damage sign in some cases.

For that reason, you have to check the sidewall of your tyres with the help of a mechanic regularly.

Moreover, only a mechanic can assess the danger by measuring the depth of sidewall cuts. Therefore, visiting a garage is essential for proper checkup of tyres.


When your tyres hit a pothole, kerb or any hard object, the impact of this hit may lead to a bulge on their sidewall. Bulges on tyres look at bubbles and they are extremely dangerous for the safety and health of your tyre.

The presence of a bulge on the sidewall indicates that the carcass ply is damaged and is not in good condition to hold the air pressure. it means the bulged area may explode at any time.

Driving at a high speed, the presence of a pothole, overloading, and high air pressure are some factors that may trigger a tyre blowout because of the presence of a tyre bulge.

Just like tyre sidewall cuts, bulges may take place in the inner and outer sidewall therefore, it is possible you cannot detect the presence of a tyre bulge. So, regular checkup with the help of a mechanic is a more suitable option to keep your tyres safe for a long time.

Do not try to repair tyre bulges. There is not any fix for this fault so far. Therefore, change your tyres after observing one or more bulges on the sidewall of your tyres.


Primarily cracks on the tyre sidewall are a sign of ageing in tyres. Ageing is a natural process. Tyre rubber is a carbonic material. Therefore, you cannot stop its degradation completely.

Over time, the chemical bonds of tyre rubber lose their strength. As a result, the strength of the rubber goes down to hold the road surface effectively. you can observe cracks on the surface of the tyre sidewall in this condition.

Besides ageing, there are a lot of factors that cause sidewall cracks in tyres. These factors are heat, oxygen, ozone, water and sunlight.

Cracks are initially small and they are not risky for car drivers. They increase their size gradually to cause issues like blowouts and punctures. Moreover, cracks in tyres indicate that the tyre rubber would not help you to make proper grip and traction on roads.

Drop your plan if you are going to repair cracks on the sidewall. Cracks are not repairable. You have to change your tyres after observing cracks on the tyre sidewall in any condition.

Sidewall Punctures:

Punctures not only occur on the tread part but they can take place on the sidewall as well. Generally, mechanics do not repair sidewall punctures because of the risk of poor strength of the sidewall. Therefore, do not try to repair these punctures and change your tyres as soon as possible.


Sidewall is an important part of car tyres because of the matter of strength. There are several signs of damage that your sidewall shows. As you see, most issues are not repairable. Therefore, wasting time on repair work is useless. Changing tyres is the only way that you can try to fix the issue.

If you are not sure about the mechanical condition of your car Tyres Bedford, you can always see a mechanic to check your vehicle. Do not avoid the advice of your mechanic if he is not in favour of using your faulty tyres for some more months or years.