Yahoo still holds a number of accounts, and there are many users who use this web service provider for browsing and for the exchange of emails. However, there are many users who wish to get through customer services and search Does Yahoo charge for customer support? If you are also struggling with the same question, then you must note that, Yahoo does not charge any fee to get in contact with customer service. They provide assistance over the phone 24/7. So next time you come across any issue with Yahoo, you must call customer services without hesitation to receive free live guidance. The process is call and connect is described below.

Call Yahoo customer services to get your account-related confusion or problems resolved: 

Yahoo’s dedicated customer care representative can be approached by calling to accumulate all the information regarding existing or new accounts and to get away with concerns. If you have never approached¬†Yahoo customer support¬†earlier, then you can refer to the sequential steps mentioned below to connect over the call:

  • Start the procedure by dialing the official Yahoo contact number: 800-305-7664
  • You will now come across automated instructions.
  • The voice will ask you to make a language selection and continue with the instructions.
  • As you follow all the steps, your call will be connected to Yahoo’s concerned live representative, who will answer all your questions.
  • You have the opportunity to discuss all your issues until you are satisfied.

Does Yahoo charge for customer support?

Yes, Yahoo provides assistance to customers 24/7. They have maintained a toll-free number that can be reached irrespective of the time to get a hold of the concerned representative. However, it must be noted to avoid the chances of being stuck in busy phone-lines, you must make a phone call early in the morning. 4 am to 8 am is best to call.