Staying healthy isn’t just about preventing illnesses or ailments; it’s also about taking proactive steps to promote well-being throughout life. This is why traditional medical practices like acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines have been around for centuries – it’s all part of the preventative approach. In this blog post, we will share the tips and tricks shared by Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck and examine how traditional methods can help boost immunity and overall physical health to lead healthier lives!

We’ll explore the benefits of incorporating a healthy lifestyle and ways to use diet, nutrition, and exercise to avoid health issues before they arise. You do not need to be sick for traditional healing methods to make a difference – we’ll show you how focusing on leading an embodied life now can produce lasting results down the line!

Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck is a distinguished leader who has made an impressive mark on the world with his impactful global health initiatives. With a combination of passion and intellect, he successfully championed The World Health Organization’s polio eradication program, and US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief–enabling millions to lead healthier lives. Not only that, but LaMar has provided priceless counsel regarding the COVID-19 pandemic across many renowned institutions today.

As a medical professional, LaMar Hasbrouck has stressed the importance of taking proactive measures to maintain a healthy body. Good health is the absence of disease and complete physical, mental, and social well-being. A healthy immune system is crucial to fight off infections, illnesses, and other health problems.

Here, we’d like to share some essential tips and tricks shared by Dr. LaMar to boost immunity and improve physical health,


Boosting Immunity:

  1. Eating a well-balanced diet: A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins can give your body the necessary nutrients to maintain a robust immune system. Foods like citrus fruits, berries, leafy greens, and nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals supporting immunity.
  2. Staying hydrated: Drinking loads of water is essential for keeping your body hydrated and healthy. Staying hydrated helps flush out toxins and boosts the immune system. Strive to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
  3. Getting enough sleep: Sleep is crucial for the body to recover and repair itself. Lack of sleep can weaken the immune system, making it harder for the body to fight infections. Strive to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
  4. Exercise regularly: Regular exercise helps strengthen the immune system and lower the chance of developing chronic diseases. Aim to engage in physical activity for at least 30 minutes each day.
  5. Minimizing stress: Chronic stress can undermine the immune system, making it easier for infections and illnesses to take hold. Try to find ways to manage stress, such as meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises.


Taking Proactive Measures for Physical Health:

  1. Regular check-ups: Regular check-ups with a doctor can help detect and prevent health problems from becoming severe.
  2. Avoiding unhealthy habits: Unhealthy habits like smoking, excessive drinking, and a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of chronic diseases.
  3. Getting vaccinated: Vaccines are an effective way to avoid serious illness from vaccine-preventable diseases such as the seasonal flu and COVID-19. Talk to your doctor about which vaccines you need and when.
  4. Practicing good hygiene: Simple habits like washing your hands regularly, covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing, and avoiding close contact with people who are sick can help prevent the spread of illness.


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