Marketers often invest their efforts, resources, and budgets into developing an eBook only to move forward when the landing page is live. Your eBook may be the next award-winning, game-changing marketing movie, but without promotion, no one will click, download, read, or even watch.

Promoting an ebook goes beyond creating a landing page, tweeting a link, and emailing it to your customers. These are the basic moves, like serving turkey and dressing up at Thanksgiving dinner.

All stages of the sales funnel involve significant ebook promotion and require the involvement of multiple teams within an organization. Not only does it create a planned collaborative approach to eBook Ghostwriting Services promotion, but it also captures the attention of your best prospects. Here’s an eye:


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Top of the funnel promotion

A large number of attempts probably cost you the top of the funnel. He knows some information about this audience, so he can target his ads precisely, but he doesn’t know them as well as he knows his best customer. Therefore, this is the place to slip and break your promotion further. People digest material in different ways. The more you cut it and share it, the more eBooks you will create.

Try these measures and make sure the eBook is always the call to action:

  •         Record someone on your team reading the eBook and send it as an audiobook.
  •         A webinar was launched with the author, opinion leaders or notable brands.
  •         Create an infographic with tips, tricks, or quotes from books.
  •         Create Twitter cards with quotes, statistics, or tips from the eBook.
  •         Turn each chapter into a blog post.
  •         Reach out to influencers and ask them to share it (give them an exclusive preview for more exposure or gratitude).
  •         Include the ebook in two or three places on your website, such as the home page, resources section, and callout sidebar.
  •         Print it or save it to a USB drive and bring it to conferences, booth displays, etc.
  •         Write scripts/outlines via email and phone about your ebook for sales or business development reps to cold communicate.


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Center of Funnel Advance

If you build thought leadership, top funnel ebooks, you may think your promotional efforts will stop at the top of the funnel. That is not the case. Your eBook can be used by other departments and audiences, ultimately generating revenue for your organization, which should also be your ultimate goal.

The center of the funnel is where you find existing prospects to raise their hand and approach the sale. This is probably the most difficult part of a marketer’s job. If you have great content and reach, it’s not difficult to get net new results into your database. All he needs to start the process is a simple download. However, to do more work to dedicate those results to a demo or free trial. Your eBook can help.

Consider these center of funnel ideas:

  •         Work the eBook into your nutrition program(s) or drip campaigns.
  •         Create a content package for existing expectations, including case studies, e-books, handouts, etc.
  •         Include the eBook in your newsletters.
  •         Make the eBook available to employees in many ways for easy access and sharing, including:

o Publish or archive to a team collaboration platform

o Link to landing page

o Provide a direct link to the eBook (e.g. full page after form or PDF link)

o Shelf in subject library

  •         Ask partners to send it to shared partners and networks.
  •         Print it out or put it on a USB drive and include it in a customer and prospect care package.
  •         Enter your e-book in marketing contests.

Advance the bottom of the funnel

The bottom of the funnel is where sales lead. Imagine the funnel as a road, as you drive along it. As a marketer, you are in the driver’s seat of the top and middle of the funnel. You control the content, the message, the advertising focus, etc. When you get to the bottom of the funnel, the salesperson takes the wheel. The seller is in charge of closing that measure. However, you don’t jump out of the car, you sit in the back seat. You can still help, and that e-book is your ticket in. Here are some ideas to support bottom of the funnel promotion:

  •         Attach the e-book to the presentation decks of the first call.
  •         Use it to develop email or phone scripts and templates for existing potential outreach.
  •         Print it out and give it to vendors as takeout or meeting outings.

Don’t worry too much – think of this post as a tapas menu, where you can choose the packages that best suit your needs. As you promote your ebook, you’ll quickly learn what works (and what doesn’t). From there, you can experiment and focus on successful measures. Soon, you’ll have a well-oiled machine for not only creating amazing e-books, but also sending them out into the world.


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We followed Amanda’s advice. Check out the abundance of content marketing resources in the Content Marketing Institute’s e-book library, from The Essentials of a Documented Marketing Strategy to Digital Marketing: An Introduction for Content Marketers.