E3D Software is a leading provider of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and piping design solutions for the plant, process, and marine industries. With its comprehensive suite of software tools, E3D empowers engineers, designers, and project managers to create accurate and detailed 3D models, streamline piping design processes, and ensure efficient project execution.


Benefits of Using E3D Software


Utilizing E3D Software offers numerous benefits to engineering and construction professionals, including:


  1. Enhanced Design Accuracy and Quality: E3D’s advanced 3D modeling capabilities enable users to create highly accurate and detailed models, minimizing design errors and improving project outcomes.


  1. Streamlined Piping Design: The software’s intuitive interface and powerful tools streamline piping design processes, accelerating project completion while maintaining high-quality standards.


  1. Improved Collaboration and Communication: E3D facilitates collaboration among project stakeholders, enabling seamless sharing of 3D models, drawings, and project data. This enhances communication and ensures that all parties have access to up-to-date project information.


  1. Reduced Costs and Improved Efficiency: E3D’s comprehensive solution helps reduce project costs and improves overall efficiency by eliminating rework, minimizing material waste, and optimizing project schedules.


  1. Increased Productivity: The software’s user-friendly interface, automation features, and intuitive workflow enhance productivity, allowing engineers and designers to dedicate more time to innovation and problem-solving.

Key Features of E3D Software


The E3D Software suite comprises a range of integrated modules, each tailored to specific aspects of the BIM and piping design process. These modules include:


  1. E3D Plant Design: A comprehensive 3D modeling solution for plant layout, equipment design, and piping systems.


  1. E3D Pipe: A dedicated piping design module for creating, routing, and clash checking piping systems, enabling accurate and efficient piping design.


  1. E3D Isometrics: A tool for generating detailed isometrics directly from the 3D model, simplifying fabrication and installation processes.


  1. E3D Review: A collaborative review and markup tool that facilitates effective communication among project stakeholders during the design review process.


  1. E3D Integrator: A data exchange tool that enables seamless integration with various CAD and engineering software, ensuring interoperability and smooth data transfer.

Applications of E3D Software


E3D Software finds widespread application across various industries, including:


  1. Oil and Gas: E3D’s solutions are used in the design and construction of offshore platforms, refineries, and pipelines.


  1. Power Generation: The software is employed in the design of power plants, including fossil fuel and renewable energy facilities.


  1. Petrochemicals: E3D’s tools are utilized in the design of chemical plants, refineries, and storage facilities.


  1. Pharmaceuticals: The software is used in the design of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.


  1. Food and Beverage: E3D’s solutions are employed in the design of food and beverage processing plants.




E3D Software is a comprehensive BIM and piping design solution that empowers engineering and construction professionals to create accurate and detailed 3D models, streamline piping design processes, and enhance collaboration. With its user-friendly interface, powerful tools, and integrated modules, E3D improves design accuracy, reduces project costs, and increases productivity.