Have you played the game Elden Ring yet? If yes, then you’ll know Elden Ring items are all the rage these days. It’s hard to imagine that a game that was released just a year ago has put gamers everywhere in a spell. Gamers can’t stop fawning over it.

FromSoftware has brought us a visual spectacle unlike ever seen before. The splendid graphics, the elaborate storyline, and the open-ended gameplay have been a smashing hit in the gaming community. It has all the potential to become a legendary game.

Gamers have been rushing to buy Elden Ring runes to craft items for specific builds and weapons. Such popularity has been unprecedented and it has sparked a curiosity in the community. How come the Elden Ring swept all the major Game Awards? How did it get such universal acceptance in such a short time?

Let’s explore the Elden Ring’s popularity in this article.

What is the Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is set in a fantasy world called the Lands Between. It is a huge realm where demigods rule and it’s blessed by the OG ring – the Elden Ring! The Lands Between is a huge landmass surrounded by water. It is unlike the landscape settings of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or Soulsborne games but rather an amalgamation of everything that’s beautiful about them.

Overview of the gameplay

Queen Marika is the guardian of the ring in the Lands Between. She is chosen by the Greater Will (an omnipotent God who wants order to prevail). Marika’s husband is Godfrey, who is also known as the first Eden Lord. Together, they establish a ‘Golden Order’ in the Lands Between. A series of events takes place after that breaks the Order envisioned by the Great Will. Factional wars break out, and the realm has been in a state of stalemate for centuries.

It is in this backdrop that your character enters the scene. You have to explore the game, meet different groups, and try to establish your order in the Lands Between. You’ll do this by building your strength with Elden Ring Items and collecting the Great Runes.

Accolades for Elden Ring

Elden Ring took home all the Game Awards last year. There was intense competition with God of War Ragnarök. But the Elden Ring got all the glory.

Here’s a list of the coveted awards won by Elden Ring in the Game Awards 2022:

  • Game of the Year (most coveted award)
  • Best Role-Playing Game
  • Best Game Direction
  • Best Art Direction

Why is the Elden Ring so popular?

The stunning visuals of the game, the glitch-free software, and the immersive experience make it a memorable game. No wonder Gasmespot said Elden Ring “will go down in history as one of the all-time greats”! Here’s why it has broken all popularity charts:

1. Complete work of art 

Gamers have compared the scenes of Lands Between at par with Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The combat system, landscape, and the lore – everything is a piece of art. It creates a fascinating open world based on freedom and exploration above all else.

2. A culmination of Soulsborne games 

Elden Ring is the right mix of all the great aspects of Soulsborne games before this. Whatever the previous games did right culminated in the Elden Ring. Elden Ring has managed to weave a full-on Dark Souls game into the middle of it.

3. Amazing design and storytelling

The diverse design, enemy, and landscape appearances make it a visual masterpiece. The graphics and styles are beautiful. The customization and variety in combat give it an edge. There’s a massive selection of weapons that can be earned right out of the gate. You can customize your armor and appearance and even buy Elden Ring runes. The complicated storyline and the jaw-dropping vistas make it so immersive.

4. No playstyle imposition

You are free to do what you want from the very start of the game. You can finish the main storyline of the game and beat the final boss or you can explore the entire map without ever seeing the main bosses. You can go anywhere on the vast map and you’ll never feel desolate. You’ll become so immersed that you can’t help but play for hours on end.

5. Freedom to navigate

The game doesn’t follow a designated path of success. Elden ring allows you multiple avenues and tools to navigate. It draws from the successful gameplay of Dark Souls III and implements the flamboyant styles of all Soulsborne games.

Key Takeaway

Elden Ring has won over the gaming community. There’s no denying that. Its appealing design and narrative is superior to most RPGs. The sheer avenues of exploration you get in the Lands Between are incredible.

The freedom to choose your own path and carve an unforgettable journey is what makes the game so enthralling. The cherry on the cake is the vast array of Elden Ring items. Use these well and you can be the Lord of the realm!