In the fast-paced world of travel, making the dining experience enjoyable. Train travel is always challenging. But with the convergence of technology, IRCTC’s e-catering services and the new RailRestro app have emerged as a perfect solution for those looking for food in train on the go.

Introduction to IRCTC e-Catering Services 

IRTC’s e-Catering service is an initiative that brings a variety of catering services directly to passengers. RailRestro has been working closely with the service of Food on Train app, making it easier than ever for passengers to satisfy their taste buds with quality, varied food while boarding the train.

E-catering convenience

IRTC’s e-catering service has revolutionised the way passengers buy food on train app. This service is not limited to station selection; Travellers can order a variety of foods from their favourite restaurant and have them delivered to the train station of their choice. It eliminates the usual restrictions in the dining room, providing passengers with the convenience of enjoying their favourite meals during their short journeys.

Advantages of RailRestro: Food on Train App

RailRestro complements IRCTC e-catering services with the innovative Food on Train app, providing a user-friendly platform that allows you to be flexible. Order food in train during your train journey. The app has a variety of menus that cater to different tastes and preferences, so passengers have a variety of options.

How it works: Seamless journey from order to delivery

  • Download the app: Passengers can easily download RailRestro from the Google Play Store or the  App Store app.
  • Enter the details of the journey: Enter important details like train number and PNR to access the list of eateries of the next station.
  • Choose and Customise: Choose different types of food and restaurants. Customise your order based on personal preferences, dietary restrictions or special requests.
  • Secure Payment: The app makes paying safe and easy, allowing passengers to complete simple transactions.
  • Free delivery: RailRestro ensures the meal of your choice is delivered quickly to your seat, adding comfort and convenience throughout the entire trip.

Advantages of IRCTC e-Catering Service with RailRestro

  • Various food options: Passengers can choose from a variety of dining options, from local specialties to international delicacies, to appeal to every palate. .
  • Quality and Hygiene: Working in partnership with renowned restaurants, IRCTC e-catering ensures passengers get quality food and hygiene from RailRestro.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: IRCTC e-Catering integrated food and RailRestro app enhances the overall experience of convenient travelling by train by giving passengers the flexibility to order the food of their choice. 


In summary, RailRestro’s Food on Train app with IRCTC e-catering has brought a culinary revolution on the train. The dynamic duo ensures that passengers can not only enjoy a variety of foods but also have the convenience of hassle-free delivery while on the go. So next time you go on a train adventure, let IRCTC e-Catering and RailRestro be your partners in fun and enjoyable dining on the rails.

IRCTC-E Railrestro Catering: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the E- Catering Service of RailRestro?

Ans. RailRestro’s E catering service is a professional service that replaces traditional catering services. With its new “Food on Train” application, it offers various culinary options, allowing passengers to experience an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Q. How does the Food on Train application work?

Ans. The Food on Train app simplifies the ordering process, offering users a contact option to choose their favourite meals. Passengers can place their orders with just a few taps, and tracking now notifies them of the status of their meals, increasing the convenience and pleasure of dining on board.

Q. What is special about Railrestro’s dinner train?

Ans. RailRestro stands out with the wide range of food it offers to its passengers, from local specialties to international delicacies. This variety ensures that all travellers’ preferences are met and enhances the dining experience.

Q. Can I change my food preferences?

Ans. Of course! RailRestro gives passengers the freedom to customise their meals to their liking. The user-friendly design of the app makes it easy to browse the menu and choose dishes that suit your personal taste.

Q.  Is food quality guaranteed?

Ans. RailRestro prioritises culinary excellence, ensuring every meal on board meets the highest standards. Say goodbye to boring train meals and embrace a paradigm shift where every bite is a testament to our commitment to providing passengers with culinary experiences that exceed expectations.

Q. Are there options for health?

Ans. For increased awareness about mindful eating, RailRestro offers a healthy experience in the Food on the Train app. Passengers can have an interesting and satisfying experience by choosing from a variety of nutritious and healthy foods to meet different dietary preferences.

Q. How can I track my order?

Ans. Real-time tracking of the Food on Train application ensures that passengers are informed about the preparation and delivery stages of their orders. This transparency provides an added level of convenience, allowing travellers to consider and enjoy their chosen meal upon arrival.

Q. Will I be able to enjoy the best culinary experience during the entire trip?

Ans. RailRestro’s commitment to excellence ensures passengers enjoy the best culinary experience on every journey. Say goodbye to boring train meals and hello to a gastronomic revolution that will bring joy and memories to dining on board.

Explore Railrestro’s IRCTC-E dining experience with the Food on Train app.

Experience Railrestro’s IRCTC-E food world with the Food on Trains app, an innovative and easy-to-use cooking space that redefines the way you eat on trains.

In conclusion, this FAQ offers a comprehensive guide to make your train journey not just about location but also about happiness on the rail. Trust the quality, convenience and innovation that RailRestro brings to your dining experience, ensuring that every bite is a journey in itself.


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