The Calling of Chinese Medicine

Every so often, individuals encounter unexpected turns and gentle nudges from the universe that guide them to their true calling. Such was the case for Freya Sherlock, a mother, acupunctist, Chinese Medicine practitioner, and Ireland’s premier WildFit coach. Her journey, a remarkable tale of following the whispers of nature, took her from the West to the East, and then back again. Plants became her guide, her inspiration, and her teachers as she blazed her trail into the world of healing.

Freya’s story began when the plants beckoned, nudging her gently towards her destined path. This call was not just towards a profession, but a complete lifestyle, a philosophical outlook, a unique way of interacting with the natural world. The plants were more than just flora to Freya; they were her mentors, teaching her invaluable lessons about kindness, generosity, benevolence, courage, resilience, and interconnectedness.

Journey to the East: Discovery of Chinese Medicine and Daoism

The plants led Freya eastward, where she discovered the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Daoism. These ancient traditions, with their deep roots in nature and respect for the universe’s wisdom, became the bedrock of Freya’s healing practice. She drank long and deep from these traditions’ wellspring of knowledge, finding a source of nourishment for her soul that has sustained her for over three decades.

Her practice is an ongoing journey of learning and refinement. She continues to hone her acupuncture skills while delving deeper into the complexities of Classical Jing Fang herbal formulas. She practices Neigong and Daoist Internal Arts, starting her days meditating with sunrise and ending them immersed in the wisdom of ancient sages at nightfall. For Freya, life in the Daoist tradition is not just a career, but an epic and extraordinary adventure.

Journey to the West: Embracing Celtic Herblore and Forest Medicine

Freya’s journey did not end in the East. Just as the plants had led her there, they also led her back to the West, specifically to the Irish hillsides, woods, and meadows. Here, she embraced the practices of Celtic herblore and forest medicine, finding a new dimension to her understanding of the healing arts.

In these Western traditions, Freya discovered a unique intersection with her Eastern influences. This intersection allowed her to explore and combine different healing modalities, creating a unique approach that draws from both Eastern and Western philosophies and methodologies.

Conclusion: The Healer’s Journey

The path of a healer is often a winding one, filled with discoveries, challenges, and growth. For Freya, this path has led to a fulfilling life of service, learning, and personal development. Guided by the wisdom of plants and the teachings of ancient traditions, her journey serves as powerful testament to the depth and potency of Chinese Medicine and Daoist philosophy. It also serves as an invitation for us all to listen more closely to nature’s call, to consider how we might integrate the lessons of interconnectedness, resilience, and kindness into our own lives.